Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Need Yellow Paper

I need this Paper.LOL (Actually this is a 500-peso bill)

So today will be our major class. Actually I don't want to go to school because there re some projects I want to comply today. Unfortunately I cannot accomplish it now. I hope that God will going to give me this day a blessing and he will grant my wish to have this so-called "yellow paper". Actually I just call it that way because it is color yellow. That is a 500 peso bill in Philippine money. Yes, quite a small amount... I think if we'll going to convert it in dollar... it's almost 10 or 11 USD. For me that is a big amount already and I do really need it- I don't have money this time. I hope somebody will donate for me. LOL

Hope to God that He will pour out His blessings. Today, I hope this project will be accomplished. See yah. I have to go to school now.


Krishna said...

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Lou said...

Hi sent u several messages but got no reply from you so i assume you're all set. :-)



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