Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Health Tips

Today, I did not eat my lunch again because of some problems at school. I and my classmates are working for our mini-bulletin board for a class presentation tomorrow. So what we did… we spend some overtime just to finish that stuff. We had a class at 1:30 and we finished doing it at almost 5 minutes just before our class will start, so we decided not to eat our lunch today. Some of my classmate, she’s quite “chubby”, just laugh us about what we did. For her, she just laugh at it, it’s her advantage because someone like her needs not just a day without lunch but a-year just to make herself fit. But I know deep inside she really wants to get fit or a totally “perfect figure”.

When we started the joke, we just open-up some tips and ideas on how to get fit. LOL Well, actually these are some related topics that “girls” should be conscious about… I mean “a woman to be”-like us. Remember, we have to feel good and look good about ourselves.
Here are some best tips to be fit:
Best fitness for our body is daily exercise- usually in the morning. Then eat healthy food like vegetables, fruits and avoid fatty food. Also try to sleep early.
Some of my classmate told me about best weight loss pills. I got curios about the fact how it is being used. Then she told me that it’s safe to use and her mother advised her to try it. That’s okay for her because she had her mother’s consent and that was clinically proven and tested pills. But one thing I want to address to you and that is… be careful when it comes to your health. Know the best diet pills that are safe and highly recommended.

Remember money cannot buy health, so be careful of what you intake.
God Bless.

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