Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to School Resolution

My long-time holiday was over. This day is my “back to school” day. Unfortunately, my holiday-hangover is not yet over. My laziness just messed up my morning. Though very sleepy, but I just forced myself to prepare for school. I woke up almost 8 o’clock and my class will start at 8. I almost forgot to eat my breakfast. I just eat instant noodles, took a shower and dressed up.
At school our teacher gave us a practical and written exam in CAD (Computer Aided Design). He also scheduled our major exams and the deadline for our projects. Surely my week will be very hectic and busy. During the exam, I realized that I forgot to bring my pen and my paper. The long time holiday made me very careless. Luckily I still had a pencil. I use this pencil every time I had a major exam- for minor erasures. I do love to draw and I had a set of different pencils for my drawings and for my exams.
As an Industrial Arts student, I do really browse the net for further information and look for different sets of pencils. Just want to share this site about personalized pencils I’ve found at the net. It would surely suite you. I just found out that they also sell imprinted pencils, custom pencil, logo pencil, free setup etc. I wished to have this for my collections. For those who love to draw, you should have this set. For me my pencil and calculator is my lucky charm during exams. Let’s start our year with a hard work with perseverance for our better future. God Bless.


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