Saturday, January 31, 2009

Paintballing… Want 2 try?

From the time we- me and my friend Beth- started to love adventure, we always find different ways and different enjoyable activities to join. Last year she invited me to join Rover’s Scout activity camping but unfortunately, I failed to attend. To be an “outgoing” is what I’ve learned from her. Last time we also tried rappelling. And I had a goodtime.
This time, when I heard about paintballing, we were both interested to try that sport. When we had our ROTC we learned about shooting. Bu this time we want some extraordinary gadgets this time. So if you want to try paintballing, check out these new gadgets: Tippmann gun, Tippmann x7 - truly perfect stuff for paintball-sport lover.
We both love adventure and I think it’s good to try it. Just enjoy everything about the things you love. God Bless.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Give my All... to You.

Feel the essence of love with this song of Praise

Hello, I just want to share you this wonderful music. This is my all time-favorite song. Catch-up with this blessed song and be in love...

How was it to be loved unconditionally? Don't just be puzzled out because it's intended for you... I personally ask this to you. I f you will say, you have not yet experienced to be loved unconditionally... now it's the time to know 'coz I'll tell there's somebody who longed for your love. Don't live a life saying these words... "If only..." "If I know..." Start to seek your patient and loving admirer. It's good because Valentines Day is coming. Start it now. Seek Him.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Just for Free

Have a happy Saturday to everyone. Take care always. Today is weekend, unlike before weekend days is one of my favorite day but now it’s going to be crucial yet tiring weekend. I have you star all my projects because summer-end of the class is fast approaching. Actually I’ve getting some sort of problems financially- for my projects. Though we work as a group but we need to spend some a higher amount of money for our projects. I have to work three projects for this week- a scrap book, CAD drawings, flyers (Comp Sci) project, reports, etc.
Speaking of financial crisis… I call my auntie in the phone to borrow some money for that matter. Then she called me back and inform me that she don’t have any money this time. She has a small business so her business is not financially stable this time. So she told me that she will fix her credit card so maybe I shall wait this time. I don’t know how it works… so still waiting here. Maybe she can use the online inquiry for credit cards and take note its “free”. You can access to the net your totally free credit report so faster and time saver. It’s fast so I won’t wait that long. She showed me how it works and you can also have free credit score and access your running credit score. Feel like it’s going to be okay.
Thanks to my auntie, but above all I should rely more on our God… who can supply our needs… God Bless.

Happy Weekend?

Well good for me because today is Saturday. Its weekend and no class for College students like me. But wait… But I can’t say that this will be going to be my rest day because I have a lot of projects to take up. Yes, it’s not good to be workaholic or we may say “schoolaholic”- I don’t know if that sounds good. But here I am today, unfortunately I can’t spend so much of my time to blog today… until I finish my projects. So sad on my part, I will be missing you all. Seeyah... till next time. God Bless.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best Medicine… the question is, where can we find good medicines?

How can we laugh in times of our busyness, difficulties, stressful days and very urgent time in meeting deadlines? You can laugh out loud from just one click ahead… I tried to find some ways to take away those stressful days… and luckily I found interesting joke according to its category. It’s really funny and I think I found a good source for my good posting-pictures, funny text messages on your cell phone and comments to your friends. I’m planning to download some funny videos… surely my friends will also enjoy some of its funny pictures. Now I’m quite busy downloading and e-mailing some so-called “yo momma” jokes- jokes about Moms… but always remember consider the language and content of the joke. Know what is wrong and right. Choose the right joke that is appropriate to share.

Since it made me happy, now it is my time to share this happiness to you. Be happy and pass this Happiness to others. God Bless.

I finally Have it!

A letter from Google Company

The code (which is inside the letter) is needed in activating the payees account.

Yes, I’m very happy now because I finally received my Google adsense code. I waited for how many months for this letter-ever since I started blogging. I thought, before, it was lost… and I can never have it. To my co-bloggers, I know that you have all experienced this type of emotions- a feeling of excitement and joy. Thinking that my success is here... I feel more motivated when I first handed this letter.

This is the first step to success. I started blogging a few months ago and I can consider it as reward of all my efforts and sacrifices. This time, I’ll have now an extra income to support my studies, projects and all the needs- you know girl thing- and other extra expenses.

God bless us all. I hope that we will reach all our goals and the success that we are longing for… Keep going everyone.

Office Space

Sometimes, it takes a series of try and perseverance in order to accomplish your goal in life. If you’re going to ask me about the things I love to do… or the things I wish to have a chance to travel any where around the world. I know it’s quite impossible? But I still believe it will and I still can. If you are given a chance to travel, what would be the first place you want to go to? Me? Don’t ask me about that because all places are my favorite. Wait, if you’ll going to ask again, I can say… well… I think probably Burj Al Arab. I’ve seen it on TV that’s definitely the most expensive hotel around the world. I just want to sleep there for one night or maybe forever.LOL.
Burj Al Arab is located in Dubai. Speaking of Dubai, you know that Dubai is considered as progressing country. My auntie is now in Dubai and she always told us abut the place, it is very beautiful and progressing. She works in an office there. And she earns a good income. The offices are really good and great. I tried to find about if it's true. The Office Space Dubai can give you relaxing ambiance and truly provides executive suites. If you are willing to put up a business you can also try Office Space for Rent Dubai and explore the success that is in Dubai.
God Bless everyone.

Rugged Rugs? Make Some Change...

It takes time to earn money. Yes you may decide what good business that will surely appropriate to us. Well, speaking of business, actually my auntie from Manila also tried some business about rugs. You know rugs are cheap when it comes to prices but it is also a good source for extra income or business. Surely it will “click” to the market. Sometimes, we need to be passionate of what we are doing in order to gain success. To my Auntie, I wish her the best in her new set up business.
Actually I just remember about something that my mom just bought last day. You imagine- from the time that it always rainy season, we run out of Rugs. LOL We got a lot of visitors and it’s so shameful to have rugs made-up from our old clothes. And of course we have also visitors and I can’t deny the rugged face of our door steps. I’m glad that my Mom realized how awkward to see those rugged-rugs when we have our visitors. I also remember my cousin just prank me about those rugged clothes. LOL It’s funny right? But it’s true. Maybe, I should have to take some time to search for beautiful rug designs. Gotcha! I found some Cheap Rugs that inline with the style of my choice.
Definitely, we can style and be more elegant in choosing our Area Rugs. Sometimes we can find cheap rugs with the best quality and artistic designs. It’s better to be more presentable and simple in designing our home. Maybe there is this so-called elegance the way we set-up your house- though it’s not that really costly or expensive. Bring out your own style. Be more conscious in the cleanliness plus elegance of our home.
Remember… elegance and good appearance of our house starts at out door steps.

Take the Lead

"Sometimes, we have to standout from the crowd and take the lead... even if it caused you some struggles."

Actually I’m complaining this kind of situation every time we have group activity or projects at school. Yes, I admit sometimes I’m too lazy- every time I’m doing things that I don’t like to do- but in school I’m always be the leader. I’m not telling this to impress you about my school activeness. But I’m telling this because being a leader  or to stand out at crowd is so difficult. Your group mates rely on you always. You’re afraid that you may fail… you’re afraid to decide. I can’t handle these things out.

I think somebody would lead- and that’s what I’m doing- but when it comes in shouldering all the work, maybe that’s another Idea I don’t like. But it’s happening to me right now. I hope I can still make it- with God’s help- everything will be okay. I just do my part and just want to do better at school… just all I want.

God Bless.

Online Help

These days, with all the homework and assignments, I don’t know if I still have time to do my college research paper. I hope that I can start my research this semester, but I think the time that I have are not enough for that. I’m a third year college student and everything is fast approaching. I can’t s afford to generate my time- studying, blogging, and researching. Actually, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t to start a work whenever I feel that is difficult to handle. It’s some kind of a negative attitude that I’m hoping to change. I hope that everything will be okay.
For the mean time, since I still have time to post these to you, just want to post this article, maybe we have the same problem that we’ve been facing right now. Here’s a help from me… LOL. Actually you try to find some ways that will guide you in creating your research paper or assigned paper during the term. Try to find out different custom term paper and surely they will provide you with term paper example. I hope this will surely help you.
Speaking of college term paper, I know my sister will surely love to here that there are possible option that will help you lessen the work and gives you guidance. Actually, she’s busy working with her college paper now that she’ll graduate this May. I hope to see her on stage receiving a diploma. Maybe it’s a little bit sacrifice this time… more effort on thesis writing, more extra expenses and stressful days.
How about when you are in a rush hour? How can you handle this situation? I think I’ve tried this before, but thanks to God that He always makes a way for me. Maybe some of you are thinking… let others work for it. Huh? You might be asking is it okay? Well I don’t know… as long as your work is an original copy and not just plagiarizing it from others. Actually, there are also offered service online that will surely give you an original copy of research paper. I’ve done this before, not purchasing originally published paper but applying online for a research paper writer. I know these will surely help me to enhance my skills in writing but I quit because I don’t have enough time to handle those big responsibility.
Hope to hear from you that you’re doing good or excellent work at school or on your office work. This time I wish you luck in every profession that we are facing right now. Just do well always.
God Bless.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Need Yellow Paper

I need this Paper.LOL (Actually this is a 500-peso bill)

So today will be our major class. Actually I don't want to go to school because there re some projects I want to comply today. Unfortunately I cannot accomplish it now. I hope that God will going to give me this day a blessing and he will grant my wish to have this so-called "yellow paper". Actually I just call it that way because it is color yellow. That is a 500 peso bill in Philippine money. Yes, quite a small amount... I think if we'll going to convert it in dollar... it's almost 10 or 11 USD. For me that is a big amount already and I do really need it- I don't have money this time. I hope somebody will donate for me. LOL

Hope to God that He will pour out His blessings. Today, I hope this project will be accomplished. See yah. I have to go to school now.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Traveling Tips

Have you gone traveling in different places around the world? Well, if you haven’t, then, I advised you to plan your travel destination. Prepare your passbook and do your hotel reservations. It is the most easiest and practical way in traveling without hassle.
I’ve done traveling here in the Philippines for a vacation and we had problem in terms of ship- ticket. The problem is, we haven’t done any ticket reservations and there are no other tickets available. So our travel (with my family) was ruined because of that unplanned trip.
If you plan to go abroad or go for a trip, just take this simple advice of mine and be happy in your trip. Speaking of “traveling abroad”, one of the best place I wish to travel is in Rome, Italy, Paris, Europe and many more. I love to travel. I think everyone loves to travel. But before you have you step in the place you wish to go to, make sure you have planned everything. Like for instance, if you wish to travel to Rome try the Rome apartment reservation. I’ll guarantee you that it’s free. When you wish to travel to Paris, try to have relaxation and reservation in Hotel Paris for more convenient stay. And make sure that you have a safe trip, and assure that you have visited this site mutuelle- a travel health insurance in Europe.
Have a safe and happy trip everyone.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

SUPER MANuel VS. Scorpion King

Manuel VS Jommy

I watch Pinoy Fear Factor everyday (Philippine Fear Factor) so I’m always updated about every stunt that they will perform. This coming Monday, I’m so excited to watch the episode because it’s the one-on-one fight between SUPER Manuel (king of stunts) and Scorpion King “Jommy” (scorpion eater) LOL. This will be a good fight, cause of there rivalry. Though it’s not an elimination round but I wish them the best. I’m looking forward to watch good total courageous performance from them.

Who’s my bet? Well, I’ll go for Manuel Chua (Super M) because he’s his so good in every stunts yet so humble plus his cuteness. Then he also bits three world records of the Fear Factor record holder.

To all “participantes”, Good Luck!

God Bless everyone.

Bring out the Best in You

How was it to be unnoticed? Walking like an ordinary person? It’s your time to shine. Try to have a new look and be noticed. Stand-out from the crowd. These will surely be my inspirational “thought” every time I loose some confidence about myself. It’s good to be yourself but sometimes you have to build up the unique you and bring out the best in you.

What is the best thing to do to have a new look this year? Actually, I don’t know about all this stuffs-makeover. I’m not totally beauty conscious but this time I’ll try to do something that will make me more confident about myself. I’ll try to think what should be done. Maybe let’s start from the very top… aha! Let’s try to have hair makeover.

I’ll try to have some hair color this time (dark-brown).LOL. I was encouraged by my sister because she had her hair color last month and she really loves it. For best result, try to have some coloring instructions from professional. Try to have some hair coloring techniques from the best hair stylist in the world. How? There are some available hair stylist instructional dvd for you.

For best makeover this year, try to purchase new “how to color hair videos”. Surely you will love it. Here is some example of the video:
Hair Color

Hair Cut   |   Hair Color Highlights

You can also use these as a help tip if you want to have a hairstyle business. Do you want to purchase it? It is available online using credit cards. Enjoy the new you.

Have a Stress-free Day

Stressed? That’s what I feet right now. I admit it. Actually it’s not easy to be a blogger at the same time a student. I admit I love blogging and studying but sometimes it causes me a stressful day.

What about my day? Well, actually I started my day around 4 o’clock in the morning and ended up my day at 1 AM. Yes it’s almost dawn when I go to bed for a wee hours of sleep… then wake-up again and vice versa.

Everyday, my class will start at 7:30 and ended up at 7:00 PM every Monday and Thursday. Plus projects and all those activities at school, it’s really difficult to handle. I also have to update my blog everyday.

24 hours is not enough for me. More muscle pain and headache I’ve got everyday. Usually during the time like this my best friend Beth offers some hand reflexology (in her own way), I don’t think it will work in her own way. Sometimes she accompanies me at the city hall and walk at the reflexology block. It’s so relaxing to have some foot reflexology. But not everyday we can do it. So I have to find ways to release stress even if I’m at home, luckily there is a massage DVD that offers some educational instructions for a foot and hand reflexology.

For free sample, try to watch this video.
Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Techniques   |   Massage Supplies

You can order the whole video online. If you're interested, you can pay it using Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You will surely be interested in having their videos especially because it comes from an expert.

I’ll value my health this time. God Bless.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Upcoming Valentines Day

The days are fast approaching, valentines day is about to come. Surely a lot of people will now plan what gift they will give to their love ones. I’m looking forward of giving my family a valentines gift. I thought of giving each of my family members a flower. Maybe I could also give my father an aftershave because my father usually loves shaving his beard. I’m just worried because sometimes he got irritation. So I think it will be best to give him aftershave to prevent infection from his cuts. What else could I give? I think jewelry, chocolates and perfume would be good for my mother and sisters. I know they would really love that since my mother and elder sister really love jewelry and perfume and for my younger sister, nothing would be better than chocolate. LOL
So, you out there, think what’s the best gift to give to your love ones this valentine. Good luck and God bless!!

Poor little Thing

Hi. this is really a great day for all of us. Here take a look at this...
My friend Beth

Pictorials during our IED 100 class

I don't know what happened at that time but we had really a great time with my friend Beth in playing this stuff. This was taken during our afternoon class. Mr. Lee (our teacher) was teaching while both of us, Beth and I are playing. LOL sounds like we enjoy doing foolishness. We took pictures, tickle, play etc. We did no good with at this time.

Actually this is my sister's toy. It is made -up of plastic balloon and a flour inside it. It has also a smile-design, so cute. Beth really loves to play it. For the whole period she squeeze and reshape it until such time it burst out. We just all laugh and took pictures to that helpless-little thing.

Actually, when my younger sister saw this photos she remembered about that toy-she just forgot where he puts it. LOL Actually I just sneak it out from her and only to find out it was already destroyed.

What makes me enjoy the Rainy Season?

From this moment, I never seen Mr. Sun shines again. You know what I mean… It’s still raining so hard outside. I always feel so cold that I always sleep all day. You know, when the weather is so cold I usually sleep for a rest. The rain keeps on falling in the rooftop and I can hear the loud noise of thunder. But I don’t care as long as I’m at home. So, what I mean to say is that it’s good to stay at home specially this rainy season. Here are my top five (5) things I love to do at home during rainy days:
1. it’s perfect time to watch movie or TVs, plus, eating some snacks like hot cake, biscuits and coffee. Friends, I want to recommend this latest LCD TV and digital TV to you… try to check it; surely you will enjoy this it because it’s truly cheaper and affordable so you can save your money. I’m so interested to try this new TV especially because it has amazing picture quality. Staying at home and watching your favorite movies in your new TV would be the perfect recreational activity during rainy day.
2. Blogging and do some online games.
3. Sleep. It’s good to sleep when it’s raining outside. The weather is so cold and trying to relax in your room. Wearing all those outfits like pajama, socks, sweater etc.
4. Draw. My usual hobby, since I was young is to draw, is drawing. And for me, during rainy-day at my room, is the perfect place and time to do drawing.
Usually I draw cartoon characters on TV and from online games characters, nature. I also try to do the abstract.
5. A perfect timing to have a pillow-fight with my younger sister at my room.LOL

God Bless Everyone. Have a Blessed day to you.

Health Tips

Today, I did not eat my lunch again because of some problems at school. I and my classmates are working for our mini-bulletin board for a class presentation tomorrow. So what we did… we spend some overtime just to finish that stuff. We had a class at 1:30 and we finished doing it at almost 5 minutes just before our class will start, so we decided not to eat our lunch today. Some of my classmate, she’s quite “chubby”, just laugh us about what we did. For her, she just laugh at it, it’s her advantage because someone like her needs not just a day without lunch but a-year just to make herself fit. But I know deep inside she really wants to get fit or a totally “perfect figure”.

When we started the joke, we just open-up some tips and ideas on how to get fit. LOL Well, actually these are some related topics that “girls” should be conscious about… I mean “a woman to be”-like us. Remember, we have to feel good and look good about ourselves.
Here are some best tips to be fit:
Best fitness for our body is daily exercise- usually in the morning. Then eat healthy food like vegetables, fruits and avoid fatty food. Also try to sleep early.
Some of my classmate told me about best weight loss pills. I got curios about the fact how it is being used. Then she told me that it’s safe to use and her mother advised her to try it. That’s okay for her because she had her mother’s consent and that was clinically proven and tested pills. But one thing I want to address to you and that is… be careful when it comes to your health. Know the best diet pills that are safe and highly recommended.

Remember money cannot buy health, so be careful of what you intake.
God Bless.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm a certified Cream-Oholic

I'm eating again. It's raining outside and weather was very cold. As same thing as before, every time it rains, I do my usual habit- eating. Yeah, actually it tastes good when you are eating during the cold weather. I don’t know why but I usually love to do it. This is my favorite time of the day- morning rain. I love the rain. I feel good when it rain.LOL I know many of you will disagree with me. It’s maybe because I find beauty from it. I love to hear its sounds and I love to catch when they fall. Hope you’ll learn to love the rain.
Rain makes me more feeling good today. It rains very hard here, but still I managed to go outside and buy my favorite cookie. Love to eat during this season. This is my favorite food every time I want to relax or even when I’m studying my lesson. Now is the perfect timing to eat my favorite snack. I’m a certified “Cream-Oholic” I don’t know if you’ve tasted it before, but surely it tastes good. I hope someone will give me a dozen of box of Cream-O.LOL
Just want to tell you that make use of your time to feel free to do the things you love, the things you like and the things that make you say “this is my DAY!”Continue doing great at this time. God Bless everyone.   LinGZ

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The thing I Wish to Have

Sometimes, we seek for things that will give us satisfaction and self-fulfillment. Many people are trying to find there selves in the things they love to have or to do most. They do interesting hobbies, sports or having collections or buying stuffs or anything that makes them happy. What ever you want, what ever it is, be firm and choose the things that will give you a self-fulfilled life.
Try to figure out about the things you love to do or to have? Me? We have one family car and that’s it, I just wish to have those Land Rover cars. But I don't have enough income this time and that’s it. But it never hinders me to do the things I love. I’ve searched about different cars. I bought some magazines search the net just to have info about it. Why am I telling this? I’ve seen on TV about the best cars today. Have you heard about Land Rover car? I’m a fanatic of Land Rover. What about it? Well it really gives me the perfect feature of a dream car. I’ve seen it many times on TV and those are really good quality cars. How about you? Are you a Land Rover lover?

Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to School Resolution

My long-time holiday was over. This day is my “back to school” day. Unfortunately, my holiday-hangover is not yet over. My laziness just messed up my morning. Though very sleepy, but I just forced myself to prepare for school. I woke up almost 8 o’clock and my class will start at 8. I almost forgot to eat my breakfast. I just eat instant noodles, took a shower and dressed up.
At school our teacher gave us a practical and written exam in CAD (Computer Aided Design). He also scheduled our major exams and the deadline for our projects. Surely my week will be very hectic and busy. During the exam, I realized that I forgot to bring my pen and my paper. The long time holiday made me very careless. Luckily I still had a pencil. I use this pencil every time I had a major exam- for minor erasures. I do love to draw and I had a set of different pencils for my drawings and for my exams.
As an Industrial Arts student, I do really browse the net for further information and look for different sets of pencils. Just want to share this site about personalized pencils I’ve found at the net. It would surely suite you. I just found out that they also sell imprinted pencils, custom pencil, logo pencil, free setup etc. I wished to have this for my collections. For those who love to draw, you should have this set. For me my pencil and calculator is my lucky charm during exams. Let’s start our year with a hard work with perseverance for our better future. God Bless.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I'm Busy for my CAD Project

Here I go again... doing projects in a rush hour. I don't know but that is always my mannerism. I always make things complicated. Today is Saturday, January 3, 2009 and on Monday will be our back to school season. Holiday season was over and the worse in my part... I haven't done all my projects+ plus I haven't study yet for our up-coming exams. I mean... major exams. *sigh. I don't know what I will do now.

Let's make things one-step at a time... well I have to manage my time well. I can't spend time for blog updates, so, what I did today... just dropping some ENTRECARDS and a few post on my two blogs and that’s it.

Okay here's what I spent so much of my time- my CAD project. Computer Aided Designing. It’s very interesting, but quite difficult. Tomorrow I will let my classmates to come at our house to have some CAD tutorials for me. Hope he will be here tomorrow. God Bless every one. I have to work for my project today. I have to catch-up for the deadline. Keep Going!

This is the reason why I'm busy today.

Best Dropper of the Month

For the best number of drops, this tag is given to Nuclera-Winter. This tag is for you. I want to give a hundred thanks for your untiring support at my site.
This is a simple way to show gratitude and as a recognition for your hard-work.
Thank you for the support. Keep going. I admire your perseverance. Best wishes for your site. Still, just keep on visiting my site. Just continue and always keep on the move.
Keep going everyone. To my entrecard droppers, a warm regards and thank you for always believing and supporting at my site.
Go dropaholics. Keep going and keep on dropping. God Bless everyone. I believe in you...
Here's my December's most dedicated dropper at my Entrecard.

Don't forget to visit this site. Thanks.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Thank You 2008- Welcome 2009!

As we celebrated New Year it's great time for us-family- to get together and enjoy the year-opening of 2009. My cousins, family and relatives celebrated New Year at my grandma's house. With all those casual outfits, fireworks, and disco lights we had a party inside the house exclusive for the family. We dance, party and enjoy until dawn. Some of my cousins were all drank. But we had so much fun and we do welcome New Year with a Merry Heart.
Thank God for the year 2009! I wish you have a Good Year for everyone.

God Bless.


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