Monday, December 01, 2008

Thank God it’s Holiday?

Very tiring in my part… I know. Since there is no class, I washed all my clothes and my sister’s clothes. Today is our national holiday in the Philippines- Bonifacio Day to be exact-one of our hero. So it’s time for me to blog. But I can’t help myself… my body was so tired plus there is no internet connectivity here. I don’t know why and what happen but I can’t access to the internet. I have to do something and update my blog. But I never had a chance to update my blog. I think God had programmed everything for me to give me some rest for this day, but I never give importance for this day… because I still worked and prepared my work to be posted on my blog. So, Giving time for myself? Do you want a Holiday? I should make use of it next time. Use your time wisely but don’t forget to give time for yourself. God Bless.

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