Thursday, December 04, 2008

Techno Probz

I just can't help myself but to shut down... restart... refresh my Comp. I just wasted some of my time dealing with this some kind of techno problem. I just recently install Auto CAD in my PC when there is a technical problem. Its installation process is too slow. Yes, I need this program in my comp because this is part of my academic subject- Auto Cad. So I have to be patient in dealing with it.

Actually I just restore this program long before, but now I have to re-install it... do you know why? It's because I reformat my computer due to viruses. Huh... I know... Computer is very important but sometimes... it gives us head ache.

Good Night. I'm going to sleep now. I just finish this work tomorrow. God Bless.


Doug Kueffler said...

I wonder if AutoCAD requires too much RAM for what you have available. You may need to turn off some applications that run automatically, or considered adding a stick of RAM. Check the specs on your AutoCAD for RAM/storage/operating system requirements.

Oh, and you have a very classy EntreCard widget!

Jules said...

another 2 smile for u :) :D hehehe. u take care. thanks for dropping by


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