Saturday, December 20, 2008

Star Magic

What I did this afternoon? Well, when I start blogging, I rarely read books. But, this afternoon I read- to entertain. I enjoyed reading Star Magic Magazine which I've borrowed from my cousin Marky. While waiting for my sister to finish playing in the computer, I just took pictures from that magazine. That is the 2009 issue of Star Magic Magazine- Almost all of my favorite celebrity stars in the Philippines were their in that magazine... So I decided to make a collage? - I don't know if it's look like a collage, but I do love these young actors so you cannot stop me from posting these photos on my site. They are all handsome. Go Philippines. I’m looking forward for more TV shows of these cute stars. I swear there are a lot more in this magazine, if you want, then just buy it for yourself- for only P196. God bless everyone.

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