Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spongecola's Puso (MTV)

I got this video from my favorite boy band “Spongecola”. “Spongecola” is one of the popular and hit "boy band" in the Philippines. This video shows their new music video entitled Puso - (Heart). I used to be a fan of “Spongecola” when I saw their lead singer Yael Yuzon playing in a game show here in the Philippines. I was impressed to him. I can see that he is humble, handsome and very intelligent singer. Since then I start admiring this lead vocalist. Then -it follows- I learned to love all of their songs as well as their band. This band is one of the talented artists in the Philippines. Here is one of the snapshots of their music video:
SpongeCola- Puso MTV
SpongeCola- Puso MTV

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