Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sneezes and Colds

It's almost a week already when it rains very hard in here... I don't know about the health awareness, so I got some colds today. I always go out under the rain without umbrella. Getting cold outside... But I think the rain is not so heavy I never worried of being wet- but what I've got colds and sneeze often. Yeas difficult in my part because I have to study- for our exams- all night update my blog and do my assignment in AutoCAD. So can't get over it. I wish for some medicine but my grandma's store is now closed-because it’s already 11PM here. I should have to be patient to finish my work today. So help me God. Good Night Everyone.


billins said...

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Yours truly
Carl Cassidy
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Tey said...

I cant find some of my links Lin, here are the links fof my 10 blogs.. It will be easier if you will put it on one place together
My Daily Thoughts
Money Journal
Blogger"s Recollections

Health Blog
Embracing Health
Concealed Mind
Brief Sentiments

Raptured Dreams
Celebrity Entertainment
Array Of Hopes

Let me know when you are done

~khAe~ said...

get well soon.. :)


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