Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sister Bonding

This morning... me and my sister really had a great time... tickling... rambling... teasing. Surely we enjoyed doing this. When there are no classes, we usually sleep at our living room. It the best time to bond with my sister. I know sometimes we quarrel but we always find ways to work things out. I just thank God for always giving us opportunity to wake-up every morning lives a life together with your family and the one you love. I just want thank God for giving me this time.

Looking at this photos- with my big sister who took the picture- it simply happiness. Someone you treasure most. The "sister-bond" relationship is a great gift. Try to start a good and happy day? Bond... Laugh... and share... Hope you enjoy this posting.
I always do share my happiness. Love your family... make a good start- to build a good relationship, for when you grow-up you will never depart from each other. Have a Blessed Day.

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