Friday, December 05, 2008

Sealed Plan

Yeah sounds like tomorrow is another weekend for me. I had already a set of schedules to be done for tomorrow's untiring activity. Yes... It's some what I'll sleep again at these wee hours of the night. Feels like I'll be too tired for tomorrow huh? Well, I shouldn't have to... So to start the day~ for tomorrow~ I have to arrange these stuffs… *my schedule
1. Wash my clothes- morning
2. Clean the house-morning
3. I’ll do blogging at noon.
4. Do my assignment and study- afternoon
5. Sleep? LOL
*I should have to
6. Go to the post office- I have to check my mail for my Google Adsense LOL
7. Buy notebooks- I don't have notebooks since the day that we started our class LOL
and lastly
8. Take time to pray... free yourself from hassle... Seek God's holy presence.
Plan Sealed.
Have a Blessed Day Ahead.

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