Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Updates

Before 2008 ended... my blogs' success started. Finally... my domain had a PR. I started last month and I'm thankful and very lucky for gaining a PR 2 this year. My baby blog had finally grown-up. And my Wish was granted. I just keep going and motivating myself for a higher Page Rank this year-2009... Gaining page rank is an honor, it means that your site exist in Google society. LOL Just kidding... Just keep going, I know all of us will gain greater success this 2009. I’m wishing for higher PR. 
Congratulations also to Marky for his new domain with PR 2.
Thank You for this domain site as a Christmas gift for me, I do appreciate it. I promise I will make good of this site and I will do my best for a good post and I'll improve more of it this 2009. God Bless to us. Welcome 2009... Welcome Success!


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