Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Bet

Yes... It's him. Manuel is my bet for the Philippines Fear Factor reality show. He is so-called the "King of Stunts" LOL he is also a quite cute and handsome. I always watch this show every night in ABS-CBN. Manuel is a business man, I don't know about his background- whither his an athlete- but I do love the way he do the stunts... absolutely amazing. SuperManuel is the fearless.
Though it's still a mystery that’s going to win the game but I hope it's him. I love to watch this show. Go Filipino... Go Manuel... go “Pinoy Fear Factor”.

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Se3keR said...

Well, it's good to see that you have your own vote for the winner for Fear Factor. I didn't know that the game still exist. The last time I watched it was like so long ago. Anyway I do enjoy watching it, seeing how people try to overcome their fears.
I felt that your blog is quite a good one...with photos, nice layout and all. Probably the only thing that was lacking is a long and particularly special post. Anyway keep blogging...nice way to maintain your blog. Keep it up!!
And continue to blog walk as well...have a good day!!


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