Monday, December 22, 2008

Morning Bond

Hell0 friends... LOL this is my younger sister's morning bond with our ornamental plants. Yeah, looking at her, it's like she's having fun doing this.LOL honestly, this is her first time to do it- to take good care of our plants. Well it's good for her (for me too, no need to do it anyways). I hope she will do it every morning. My sister is sometimes very lazy... sometimes she doesn’t obey us or even my mom. And mostly, she had no house-assignment or let us calls it house chores. I know she is now fully grown up... at the age of nine, maybe this is the good start for her (I mean for us- with my big sister). Our house chore will now lessen... hope so, well so much for that. I've tried to start my day in a good mood (like my sister did. It's good that I did. We eat “camote” (sweet potato), “saging” (banana) and mango. Will that's the god start, eating unusual food for breakfast. Thanks to my “nanay Susan” who brought that food to us. Keep going everyone. Always start your day with a smile and full of thanks giving.

1 comment:

Ankit - as m known said...

Hopefully she will help around more if she likes doing this daily


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