Monday, December 08, 2008

LoL.. Filipino Time

Hello everyone. Here I am again... being so late is my habitual deed. Actually today we had a make-up class. It's been a two-Monday already that we missed in our lessons. Because of the two consecutive holidays in our school, so... it's time to make-up for our lessons. But really today it makes me feel so tough... and sick because I've missed up the lesson. I just sit down in a classroom for five minutes and then my teacher dismissed the class but I have my reasons though... I made my assignments for that class-laziness for sure is the reason-. I should better cope up for my lessons today. Thanks to Oliver (my classmate) he let me lend his notes.

It's been this so-called Filipino time. Always behind the meeting time "some sort of mannerism". But Filipinos are hard working so not bad at all. So cope up with laziness and time-conscious next time.

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Tey said...

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khaye said...

Hi there... you have a great site.

lusia said...

Hi Friend,Nice blog.2day my smile for u,do the same for me too.tnx.


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