Thursday, December 18, 2008

" (empty) "

I don't know why... But there's something really bothers me. It's already a half of an hour when I feel like browsing the net without any reason or finding something without knowing what I'm looking for. It really takes me an hour after I decided to write on something. I know this is the craziest idea for me. Writing something without knowing what you are writing for. Sometimes it's a symptom- for me... Or worse, maybe... it's a disease. I don't know. In life, sometimes we feel the so-called "emptiness" Maybe it's a disease in the mind... you feel like you are not doing something good for that day. It's a disease caused by doing nothing. This kind of disease is like... you want to do something that keeps you going... you want to explore and experience something that will surely gives you pleasure... and yet, you failed to do so. It's a defeat. You refused to do because you’re tired, afraid or let us say... lazy.
You know what, I tell you being lazy are the most tiring work you'll going to experience. It's an epidemic disease that will conquer your mind that make you stressed. Doing nothing! Hope I can overcome this disease and I wish there is a cure for this illness.
I love to make this day so meaningful, excitement, something to treasure...
You know what? The life of being a blogger is hard. But being a blogger without experience about the world outside is the hardest part. You can't write something because you have nothing that is in you. How can you write something when all day long you are sitting in front of the computer and post? See... hope I can spent some time for me to explore the world and share it with you. That's the great idea!
So help me God.


Tey said...

laziness is not disease, its a state of mind. You have to have something to motivate you or probably there is something that is making you lazy.. Find it out and there is no cure for that but your mind.. Thanks for sharing my friend
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Tey said...

add my other 3 blogs and then buzz me..
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Justin Germino said...

I can have periods where I feel empty, don't want to do anything, don't know what to do. Feel just very blah, I found for me, working out even for 15 minutes to where I am sweating and out of breath, will elevate my mood and I feel much better within the next hour.

It is true that endorphins are released that enhance your mood by working out, it does work for me when I feel like this. It really works.


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