Saturday, December 06, 2008

He did it Again!

After 8 rounds of match with courage... strength... and power, finally, fate had decided. The legendary and most awaited fight between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar dela Hoya was over... Our victory is now at hand. CONGRATULATIONS to our people's champ. Manny Pacquiao is surely legendary hero in boxing. Now we made it again... to "bring home the bacon”. We did it. I do watch the pay per view and it's really an exciting fight. It's like reminiscing the legendary fight in history-between "David and Goliath". Truly amazing... it proves that height doesn't matter after the 8th round the so-called Goliath (Oscar dela Hoya) raises his white flag of surrender to "Pacman". Fate is in us.
Now, who’s next in line? Again Mexican's legendary fighter failed his fate- one down to go... and it's time for ZORRO to make it once and for all.LOL

Congrats Manny... You made it! Filipinos are very proud of you.
*photos are credited from Pinoyfrontpage site.

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