Saturday, December 06, 2008

Affraid to be...Unnoticed

Unnoticed... walking back at time... When I reminisce the past I just ask God, Had I live a life to the fullest? Did I make any change to the people that became a part of my life? Am I just the ordinary one who is unnoticed? Just like the footprints out from water... You know it exist... very noticeable but soon it will be gone forever. Evaporate its existence.

I know our life experienced hardship, so much to be somebody that you want to be accepted by somebody. I'm afraid that... if I left, I'll become a footstep of water. It wets when it's there but soon it evaporates and be lost forever.

Friends what am I saying right now, is that we should treasure ourselves. Make used of the time that we exist. We are special... Share yourself to others. Then, you will learn that you are not totally a stranger but a special guest who will be remembered forever. Have a nice Day to You.
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