Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unpaid Workbook

I had a class this morning and I tell you... I made no good in the half of my day. Huh... My class is Comp.Sci1 and we have to work in a computer laboratory. We had an activity to do but all I've done is just browse on the internet and do nothing at all. I didn't even start Lesson 1 on my workbook.
Actually... this workbook is unpaid. Because yesterday our teacher required us to have our module-book today so what she did was she just let us have the book and paid it next week.LOL. It's good that God give me a chance to have the book today. The book is worth 200Php and I don't have money today or even next week.LOL.
No money+ Laziness= Nothing make sense to owe a workbook.

I just pray to God to pour out His Blessings this week. Always remember trust in Him always. Good Day!

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Mel Alarilla said...

No wonder the motif of your blog is green, it was designed by the greenman himself. Congratulations on the launching of this blog. I hope it will become successful too. God bless you always.


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