Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Cards

It's really enjoyable this evening. God really make things okay. Aside from those delicious peanuts we also enjoyed playing cards together with my whole family. Thanks to God for giving us this precious time to be with my family... play... laugh and enjoy each company. I'm so thankful for this blessed Sunday of mine.

Me and the Peanuts.

Well it's good that today... My favorite peanuts are their when I'm working with my blog. It taste good… it looks really delicious. Thanks to my cousin Edward 'cause he brought this delicious peanuts all the way. Enjoying peanuts here hope you enjoy your day just like mine. God Bless Everyone.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Give us This Day

To all the Filipinos out there... please support our very own Manny Pacquiao as he face the day in his biggest fight in boxing. This biggest fight is on Dec. 6, 2008. It's coming... Pray for his success… Please hope for his best. Go team Philippines.

Please spread the Banner.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unpaid Workbook

I had a class this morning and I tell you... I made no good in the half of my day. Huh... My class is Comp.Sci1 and we have to work in a computer laboratory. We had an activity to do but all I've done is just browse on the internet and do nothing at all. I didn't even start Lesson 1 on my workbook.
Actually... this workbook is unpaid. Because yesterday our teacher required us to have our module-book today so what she did was she just let us have the book and paid it next week.LOL. It's good that God give me a chance to have the book today. The book is worth 200Php and I don't have money today or even next week.LOL.
No money+ Laziness= Nothing make sense to owe a workbook.

I just pray to God to pour out His Blessings this week. Always remember trust in Him always. Good Day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wish.. a wisha wish.. for ME

I think it’s the end of the year 2008. It’s time for us to set new goals and aim high. As God said… “Ask and it shall be given unto you”. Do not limit God’s grace. God Bless. Here’s my Christmas wish …
Lingz’s Christmas Wishes
1.Thesis accomplishment
2.New Laptop
3.PR level 3
4. Family Reunion
5.Long hours of sleep
6.X-mas parties
7.Church’s outreach act.
8. Motivation and discipline
9.Financial Support
10.Good health and happy life.
Do not limit God. He loves you.
Ask that is aligning to God.
To be continued…

I Want to Get Started

Grasping some time to post another is what I’m doing right now. Yes, still have class today but still giving some time for another post. I have to complete this post today so, since this is a new blog, I want to apply for another entrecard.LOL. I’m trying to finish this post. Entrecard do really help to increase your blog traffic. It will be a help you to increase visitors. So what are you waiting for? Apply Now.

My BloG SponsoR

I never get tired of thanking this young man named "Green Man". Actually he is my cousin who is always been so supportive to me. He is really my mentor... an adviser since the time I start blogging. And luckily this blog~ really~ is his Christmas present for me. So I always give credit to the person who is always helpful and supportive to me. Thanks Cousin. Good luck to both of us.

His Blogs: "Tiklaton", "The Green Man in his Green World" and "Out of the Mundane"

My Blogs:"", and this..."My Foliage Diary"

Please support our Blog. Thank You.

I'm Running out of Time

Oops, I run out of time again. I still have to research for my reports today. It's almost 4:35 now and I still have a class at 6PM. I can't afford to be absent today. Yeah I don't want to go~ because I think it will rain today. I think my laziness started again. Well… Hope I can spend more time to post... and explore the blog world. Okay, time-out for now. See yah.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Foliage Diary

The foliage Diary...
In life, we grow... we failed... we are hurt. The moment that we breathe, it's another life that was given to us by God. Though we failed in life's journey we... to stand and to renew oneself and show to the world that we have the flora~ the will to live... the foliage of life. This is my site where I will keep my memoirs when... I was, I am and I will be...
Treasure the past, value the present and prepare the future. Foliage your life...


Hello, everyone... this is LinGZ and this is my new blog. Feel free to explore... free to express yourself. I'll be glad if you will visit my blog everyday. Thank You.


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