Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Updates

Before 2008 ended... my blogs' success started. Finally... my domain had a PR. I started last month and I'm thankful and very lucky for gaining a PR 2 this year. My baby blog had finally grown-up. And my Wish was granted. I just keep going and motivating myself for a higher Page Rank this year-2009... Gaining page rank is an honor, it means that your site exist in Google society. LOL Just kidding... Just keep going, I know all of us will gain greater success this 2009. I’m wishing for higher PR. 
Congratulations also to Marky for his new domain with PR 2.
Thank You for this domain site as a Christmas gift for me, I do appreciate it. I promise I will make good of this site and I will do my best for a good post and I'll improve more of it this 2009. God Bless to us. Welcome 2009... Welcome Success!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Best Gift this Christmas- Welcome 2009

I just love this photo. This is the best gift to give this Christmas or for the following year-for 2009. I found these beautiful figurines in the Gaisano Mall in Iligan. Hope you’ll give gift to show love to your love ones. Have a Blessed year ahead. Welcome 2009!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

GreenMan's Thanksgiving Party

We celebrated Christmas together with Marky a.k.a “Green Man”– he is my cousin actually... LOL I also got these photos from him.
He is a certified blogger. This year he was so blessed financially. He is so thankful-as blogger-'cause his blogs are still doing great as well as his blessings. As a beginner I was so inspired by him. I was inspired by him to pursue more and be motivated. That's why, this Christmas we celebrated together with his family together with our relatives. This is a simple way of thanksgiving to our Lord for the blessing through out the years. I really enjoyed his mouthwatering food that he prepared for us. It is just a simple way to thank him. I was so thankful because he welcomes me in their house during Christmas Eve and for being a mentor to me when I started blogging. Thanks to you.
Be inspired by him, “Green Man”. To “Green Man” here’s another feature for you today. Hope you will not be mad at me for posting your photos without permission from you...peace...LOL. This is somewhat a dramatic post. God Bless Everyone.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pres. Obama and Pres. Gloria... wanna Be's on TV Ads

Hello... friends, since I’m a TV addict and I just want to share this TV advertisement to you. Take a look at this... I just saw it on TV so I searched it in YouTube.
I just leave my comment as a blank. I don't know how you will react on these ads. It's up to you now... What do you think?

This is a TV ad from the Philippines. This is TV ad featuring Pres. Obama of USA and Pres. Arroyo of Philippines.
Here are some of the snapshots:

Morning Bond

Hell0 friends... LOL this is my younger sister's morning bond with our ornamental plants. Yeah, looking at her, it's like she's having fun doing this.LOL honestly, this is her first time to do it- to take good care of our plants. Well it's good for her (for me too, no need to do it anyways). I hope she will do it every morning. My sister is sometimes very lazy... sometimes she doesn’t obey us or even my mom. And mostly, she had no house-assignment or let us calls it house chores. I know she is now fully grown up... at the age of nine, maybe this is the good start for her (I mean for us- with my big sister). Our house chore will now lessen... hope so, well so much for that. I've tried to start my day in a good mood (like my sister did. It's good that I did. We eat “camote” (sweet potato), “saging” (banana) and mango. Will that's the god start, eating unusual food for breakfast. Thanks to my “nanay Susan” who brought that food to us. Keep going everyone. Always start your day with a smile and full of thanks giving.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Star Magic

What I did this afternoon? Well, when I start blogging, I rarely read books. But, this afternoon I read- to entertain. I enjoyed reading Star Magic Magazine which I've borrowed from my cousin Marky. While waiting for my sister to finish playing in the computer, I just took pictures from that magazine. That is the 2009 issue of Star Magic Magazine- Almost all of my favorite celebrity stars in the Philippines were their in that magazine... So I decided to make a collage? - I don't know if it's look like a collage, but I do love these young actors so you cannot stop me from posting these photos on my site. They are all handsome. Go Philippines. I’m looking forward for more TV shows of these cute stars. I swear there are a lot more in this magazine, if you want, then just buy it for yourself- for only P196. God bless everyone.

Spongecola's Puso (MTV)

I got this video from my favorite boy band “Spongecola”. “Spongecola” is one of the popular and hit "boy band" in the Philippines. This video shows their new music video entitled Puso - (Heart). I used to be a fan of “Spongecola” when I saw their lead singer Yael Yuzon playing in a game show here in the Philippines. I was impressed to him. I can see that he is humble, handsome and very intelligent singer. Since then I start admiring this lead vocalist. Then -it follows- I learned to love all of their songs as well as their band. This band is one of the talented artists in the Philippines. Here is one of the snapshots of their music video:
SpongeCola- Puso MTV
SpongeCola- Puso MTV

Thursday, December 18, 2008

" (empty) "

I don't know why... But there's something really bothers me. It's already a half of an hour when I feel like browsing the net without any reason or finding something without knowing what I'm looking for. It really takes me an hour after I decided to write on something. I know this is the craziest idea for me. Writing something without knowing what you are writing for. Sometimes it's a symptom- for me... Or worse, maybe... it's a disease. I don't know. In life, sometimes we feel the so-called "emptiness" Maybe it's a disease in the mind... you feel like you are not doing something good for that day. It's a disease caused by doing nothing. This kind of disease is like... you want to do something that keeps you going... you want to explore and experience something that will surely gives you pleasure... and yet, you failed to do so. It's a defeat. You refused to do because you’re tired, afraid or let us say... lazy.
You know what, I tell you being lazy are the most tiring work you'll going to experience. It's an epidemic disease that will conquer your mind that make you stressed. Doing nothing! Hope I can overcome this disease and I wish there is a cure for this illness.
I love to make this day so meaningful, excitement, something to treasure...
You know what? The life of being a blogger is hard. But being a blogger without experience about the world outside is the hardest part. You can't write something because you have nothing that is in you. How can you write something when all day long you are sitting in front of the computer and post? See... hope I can spent some time for me to explore the world and share it with you. That's the great idea!
So help me God.

Iligan was Bombed

It was late this afternoon, around 1:00 PM, Iligan City was bombed at two different places- two super mart. Unfortunately 2 were dead and 38 people are injured. This happened outside the two department stores in Iligan, particularly at the baggage area of the JBC Shoppers Plaza and Unicity. The bomb exploded outside injuring the bystanders and the customers.

I'm from Iligan City-Philippines and it really frightens me a lot. Especially I had loved ones who went out of the city to shop. Surely this will threaten all the shopaholics and the people. :(
I don't know what the reason behind this bombing... is it is really terrible. Christmas is coming but this incident really affects this event to all Iliganons. I just pray to God this will not happen again. And to all family of the victims, I pray for justice and deliverance from this tragic event.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Loyalty Award: bEst SMS Sender

Though I'm very much busy, updating my blog... But I still thank those people who continually sending some SMS on my mobile. Lately, I don't have time to respond to their messages but I still appreciate their effort. So I give this special space for their messages. Hope you could spend time to read.
Dec. 16, 2008
"If u laugh really loud and u know longer care what you look like... You’re probably with a friend! Smile always..."
“God is there for you”-Angel

"How's the exam? God Bless"-Bryan

"Sometimes your existence gives hope to 1 person, your smile maybe a pearl to someone, your presence may be a desire for those who love u...
So, value yourself, Bear in mind that you’re someone's source of happiness. Night2"-Benedict

Hello Ling2x, how’s the exam. Nayt2"

To my entire solid SMS sender... My text-mate & friends... Sorry for having such no time to respond in your messages. Hope u appreciate what I did today. Keep going.

To all my solid SMS sender.. My text-mate & friends... Sorry for having such no time to respond in your messages. Hope u appreciate what I did today. Keep going.

Loyalty Award: My EntreCard Dropper

I just want to give my appreciation to my EntreCard dropper. Thanks to all of you friends and to all my loyal- EntreCArd dropper, just continue supporting each other. Keep going everyone. It’s my honor to tag you. It's a simple way of showing my gratitude 'coz we are one-family with one purpose… to blog about life.
Hall of Fame

MY Top 10 LoyalDroppers
1. Sports 2000
2. Hit-or-Miss
3. Nuclear•Winter
4. Positive men
5. Tiddly Winks
6. The Green Man In His Green World
7. Online Social Networking
9. Serian Man

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Math MaTTerS

Hello everyone... How's my day? Just want to post this one... Here's what makes me busy... Meet my new Buddy...

Well it's hard to update my blog during this week because I'm very much busy updating my school exams LOL. It is much even harder than updating my blog. So here's how it works... I have to study for my major exams and do my projects to meet the deadlines. Yeah quite hard, though looking forward for holidays but the projects are too hard to work during holidays. Okay too much for that, here's my true concern for today... I have to study for tomorrow's math exam-
Logarithmic and Trigonometric Functions. And many students find it harder than any other subjects- but for me this subject is easy IF... I will study so I'll try to leave this blog-works to my sister and I to study. Hope after I posted this... my sister will realize how much I need her tutorial lesson- she's a math major. LOL
So far I had study the half of my lesson so... I think it's better now. Together with my buddy and the guidance from God, I know can make it. God Bless everyone. Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Interrelating Culture "Pasundayag 2008"

Celebrating Culture... Heritage... and the best of its tourist spot~ Welcome delegates from the different provinces in Region-10 Northern Mindanao, Philippines. It's such an honor to post these photos. This is an annual celebration of the Dept. of Tourism to highlight the beautiful spots, unique culture and heritage of Filipino indigenous people from the past & the present time. This year, Iligan is the host for the said event. Luckily, we have already newly constructed Gaisano Mall so it’s the perfect place to be- so that many people would watch. The Northern Mindanao has something to do with treasure and diverse culture. Mabuhay Philippines!

Celebrating Culture... Heritage... and the best of its tourist spot~ Welcome delegates from the different provinces in Region-10 Northern Mindanao, Philippines. It's such an honor to post these photos. This is an annual celebration of the Dept. of Tourism to highlight the beautiful spots, unique culture and heritage of Filipino indigenous people from the past & the present time. This year, Iligan is the host for the said event. Luckily, we have already newly constructed Gaisano Mall so it’s the perfect place to be- so that many people would watch. The Northern Mindanao has something to do with treasure and diverse culture. Mabuhay Philippines!

I'm A Certifiend Entrecard Dropper

Hello ENTRECARD droppers, here's my new ENTRECARD Banner.
You may wonder why I changed it, just for a new look. LOL ... I just want to inform you because you’re all important to me. Hope you loved my ENTRECARD banner... wishing here that I could still be a part of your daily drops. Thanks for the time and effort in dropping some ENTRECARD on my site...
~from a dedicated Dropper~

Friday, December 12, 2008

Keep Going

Oh... I should be careful next time. Well, it just happened and I can't help myself... I failed to follow some instruction and I find it difficult to understand during our Practical Exam lately… huh… I got worried for it. I know how to perform the command but I got a difficult time to follow some instructions. I know how to operate the command in the computer but, I know I failed to follow so nothing makes sense for me... because it's already wrong. Okay... I'll start getting over it... Maybe, I should be careful next time. I hope it's going to be fine for me to do better next time. I should make good for my test... and it's time to study more LOL I have a lot of exams this coming week. Wish me luck. God Bless.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Participantes Vs. Castaways

“Pinoy Fear Factor” vs. “Pinoy Survivor”

I’m just curious about this franchised show of the Philippines- “Fear Factor” and “Survivor”
I just browsed it from the internet and it’s really a competition- since both shows are currently airing in different T.V station in the Philippines. LOL both shows really a hit. But who stands out? You choose... Well for me - both show- should give there best total performance for their viewers. Enjoy watching.

K.O ( Knockout)

Just can't help myself for today's posting. Yeah I need to apologize to everyone & for not visiting your sites lately. So I have to take for more rest... coz everyday, I only sleep at the wee-hours of the night. This is so-called knock-out of my body.
I just love to update and post, but my body can't. Feel so tired and sleepy already... So I just want to rest now. I will visit you soon after I rested. Friends & Blogger... Please support me all the way. Hope you love the kitten.

*powered by: Google Photo

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sneezes and Colds

It's almost a week already when it rains very hard in here... I don't know about the health awareness, so I got some colds today. I always go out under the rain without umbrella. Getting cold outside... But I think the rain is not so heavy I never worried of being wet- but what I've got colds and sneeze often. Yeas difficult in my part because I have to study- for our exams- all night update my blog and do my assignment in AutoCAD. So can't get over it. I wish for some medicine but my grandma's store is now closed-because it’s already 11PM here. I should have to be patient to finish my work today. So help me God. Good Night Everyone.

Monday, December 08, 2008

LoL.. Filipino Time

Hello everyone. Here I am again... being so late is my habitual deed. Actually today we had a make-up class. It's been a two-Monday already that we missed in our lessons. Because of the two consecutive holidays in our school, so... it's time to make-up for our lessons. But really today it makes me feel so tough... and sick because I've missed up the lesson. I just sit down in a classroom for five minutes and then my teacher dismissed the class but I have my reasons though... I made my assignments for that class-laziness for sure is the reason-. I should better cope up for my lessons today. Thanks to Oliver (my classmate) he let me lend his notes.

It's been this so-called Filipino time. Always behind the meeting time "some sort of mannerism". But Filipinos are hard working so not bad at all. So cope up with laziness and time-conscious next time.

*Google pictures.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

He did it Again!

After 8 rounds of match with courage... strength... and power, finally, fate had decided. The legendary and most awaited fight between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar dela Hoya was over... Our victory is now at hand. CONGRATULATIONS to our people's champ. Manny Pacquiao is surely legendary hero in boxing. Now we made it again... to "bring home the bacon”. We did it. I do watch the pay per view and it's really an exciting fight. It's like reminiscing the legendary fight in history-between "David and Goliath". Truly amazing... it proves that height doesn't matter after the 8th round the so-called Goliath (Oscar dela Hoya) raises his white flag of surrender to "Pacman". Fate is in us.
Now, who’s next in line? Again Mexican's legendary fighter failed his fate- one down to go... and it's time for ZORRO to make it once and for all.LOL

Congrats Manny... You made it! Filipinos are very proud of you.
*photos are credited from Pinoyfrontpage site.

Your Vote Counts...

I'm nominated as Filipino Blog of the Week

I'm glad to be appreciated. LOL I got some good news for you friends... actually I think it's for me... Luckily I'm nominated as a "Filipino Blog" of the week. I extend my greatest gratitude to those who nominate and believe in my blog. Thank you very much for your support. Surely all my will be will be dedicated to those who believe in me. God Bless everyone. Your vote counts. I'll be glad if you'll vote and believe in me. Thank you.
I'm proud to be a Filipino.

I'm nominated as... manilyntingcang~ your vote counts!
"I blog from the Heart"

Affraid to be...Unnoticed

Unnoticed... walking back at time... When I reminisce the past I just ask God, Had I live a life to the fullest? Did I make any change to the people that became a part of my life? Am I just the ordinary one who is unnoticed? Just like the footprints out from water... You know it exist... very noticeable but soon it will be gone forever. Evaporate its existence.

I know our life experienced hardship, so much to be somebody that you want to be accepted by somebody. I'm afraid that... if I left, I'll become a footstep of water. It wets when it's there but soon it evaporates and be lost forever.

Friends what am I saying right now, is that we should treasure ourselves. Make used of the time that we exist. We are special... Share yourself to others. Then, you will learn that you are not totally a stranger but a special guest who will be remembered forever. Have a nice Day to You.
*Google photo

"Blog from the Heart"

Friday, December 05, 2008

Sealed Plan

Yeah sounds like tomorrow is another weekend for me. I had already a set of schedules to be done for tomorrow's untiring activity. Yes... It's some what I'll sleep again at these wee hours of the night. Feels like I'll be too tired for tomorrow huh? Well, I shouldn't have to... So to start the day~ for tomorrow~ I have to arrange these stuffs… *my schedule
1. Wash my clothes- morning
2. Clean the house-morning
3. I’ll do blogging at noon.
4. Do my assignment and study- afternoon
5. Sleep? LOL
*I should have to
6. Go to the post office- I have to check my mail for my Google Adsense LOL
7. Buy notebooks- I don't have notebooks since the day that we started our class LOL
and lastly
8. Take time to pray... free yourself from hassle... Seek God's holy presence.
Plan Sealed.
Have a Blessed Day Ahead.

Shopping? It's one Step Ahead.

Christmas is coming. Trying to find some extra income... I mean... studying+ blogging LOL It's a time to shop... Thanks to this newly opened mall here in our place. It's about a month now since the time that this newly established mega mall was opened. It's good because we don't need to travel a long miles to shop. Yahoo... "Gaisano Iligan" is here... Shopping will be one step ahead now.

It's Christmas... Don't forget to shop for my gifts. LOL God Bless.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Go the Distance...

I can go the distance
I will find my way
If I can be strong
I know every mile
Will be worth my while
When I go the distance
I'll be right where I belong...

This is one my favorite song entitled... "Go the Distance" Yeah whenever I heard this songs it keeps me on the track... to finish the race, to pursue more. LOL take a look at this photo... This is "chick2x" my sisters beloved chicken. Looks so cute and very innocent, but someday they'll be chicken... soon. Someday they will spread out their wings and explore the world outside. I just treasured this kind of moment in my... because I was once a chick and now I started to spread out my wings...

God Bless.

Techno Probz

I just can't help myself but to shut down... restart... refresh my Comp. I just wasted some of my time dealing with this some kind of techno problem. I just recently install Auto CAD in my PC when there is a technical problem. Its installation process is too slow. Yes, I need this program in my comp because this is part of my academic subject- Auto Cad. So I have to be patient in dealing with it.

Actually I just restore this program long before, but now I have to re-install it... do you know why? It's because I reformat my computer due to viruses. Huh... I know... Computer is very important but sometimes... it gives us head ache.

Good Night. I'm going to sleep now. I just finish this work tomorrow. God Bless.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Bet

Yes... It's him. Manuel is my bet for the Philippines Fear Factor reality show. He is so-called the "King of Stunts" LOL he is also a quite cute and handsome. I always watch this show every night in ABS-CBN. Manuel is a business man, I don't know about his background- whither his an athlete- but I do love the way he do the stunts... absolutely amazing. SuperManuel is the fearless.
Though it's still a mystery that’s going to win the game but I hope it's him. I love to watch this show. Go Filipino... Go Manuel... go “Pinoy Fear Factor”.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Doubt from the Start.

Well still keep going… and keep on blogging... just doubt at first if I can make it on the top. But I'm hoping for the best. Just help me God. Thank You. Please do support me all the time. Thank You. With all of you guys... I will pursue more and do better. Keep Going.

Thank God it’s Holiday?

Very tiring in my part… I know. Since there is no class, I washed all my clothes and my sister’s clothes. Today is our national holiday in the Philippines- Bonifacio Day to be exact-one of our hero. So it’s time for me to blog. But I can’t help myself… my body was so tired plus there is no internet connectivity here. I don’t know why and what happen but I can’t access to the internet. I have to do something and update my blog. But I never had a chance to update my blog. I think God had programmed everything for me to give me some rest for this day, but I never give importance for this day… because I still worked and prepared my work to be posted on my blog. So, Giving time for myself? Do you want a Holiday? I should make use of it next time. Use your time wisely but don’t forget to give time for yourself. God Bless.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Cards

It's really enjoyable this evening. God really make things okay. Aside from those delicious peanuts we also enjoyed playing cards together with my whole family. Thanks to God for giving us this precious time to be with my family... play... laugh and enjoy each company. I'm so thankful for this blessed Sunday of mine.

Me and the Peanuts.

Well it's good that today... My favorite peanuts are their when I'm working with my blog. It taste good… it looks really delicious. Thanks to my cousin Edward 'cause he brought this delicious peanuts all the way. Enjoying peanuts here hope you enjoy your day just like mine. God Bless Everyone.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Give us This Day

To all the Filipinos out there... please support our very own Manny Pacquiao as he face the day in his biggest fight in boxing. This biggest fight is on Dec. 6, 2008. It's coming... Pray for his success… Please hope for his best. Go team Philippines.

Please spread the Banner.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unpaid Workbook

I had a class this morning and I tell you... I made no good in the half of my day. Huh... My class is Comp.Sci1 and we have to work in a computer laboratory. We had an activity to do but all I've done is just browse on the internet and do nothing at all. I didn't even start Lesson 1 on my workbook.
Actually... this workbook is unpaid. Because yesterday our teacher required us to have our module-book today so what she did was she just let us have the book and paid it next week.LOL. It's good that God give me a chance to have the book today. The book is worth 200Php and I don't have money today or even next week.LOL.
No money+ Laziness= Nothing make sense to owe a workbook.

I just pray to God to pour out His Blessings this week. Always remember trust in Him always. Good Day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wish.. a wisha wish.. for ME

I think it’s the end of the year 2008. It’s time for us to set new goals and aim high. As God said… “Ask and it shall be given unto you”. Do not limit God’s grace. God Bless. Here’s my Christmas wish …
Lingz’s Christmas Wishes
1.Thesis accomplishment
2.New Laptop
3.PR level 3
4. Family Reunion
5.Long hours of sleep
6.X-mas parties
7.Church’s outreach act.
8. Motivation and discipline
9.Financial Support
10.Good health and happy life.
Do not limit God. He loves you.
Ask that is aligning to God.
To be continued…

I Want to Get Started

Grasping some time to post another is what I’m doing right now. Yes, still have class today but still giving some time for another post. I have to complete this post today so, since this is a new blog, I want to apply for another entrecard.LOL. I’m trying to finish this post. Entrecard do really help to increase your blog traffic. It will be a help you to increase visitors. So what are you waiting for? Apply Now.

My BloG SponsoR

I never get tired of thanking this young man named "Green Man". Actually he is my cousin who is always been so supportive to me. He is really my mentor... an adviser since the time I start blogging. And luckily this blog~ really~ is his Christmas present for me. So I always give credit to the person who is always helpful and supportive to me. Thanks Cousin. Good luck to both of us.

His Blogs: "Tiklaton", "The Green Man in his Green World" and "Out of the Mundane"

My Blogs:"", and this..."My Foliage Diary"

Please support our Blog. Thank You.

I'm Running out of Time

Oops, I run out of time again. I still have to research for my reports today. It's almost 4:35 now and I still have a class at 6PM. I can't afford to be absent today. Yeah I don't want to go~ because I think it will rain today. I think my laziness started again. Well… Hope I can spend more time to post... and explore the blog world. Okay, time-out for now. See yah.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Foliage Diary

The foliage Diary...
In life, we grow... we failed... we are hurt. The moment that we breathe, it's another life that was given to us by God. Though we failed in life's journey we... to stand and to renew oneself and show to the world that we have the flora~ the will to live... the foliage of life. This is my site where I will keep my memoirs when... I was, I am and I will be...
Treasure the past, value the present and prepare the future. Foliage your life...


Hello, everyone... this is LinGZ and this is my new blog. Feel free to explore... free to express yourself. I'll be glad if you will visit my blog everyday. Thank You.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sister Bonding

This morning... me and my sister really had a great time... tickling... rambling... teasing. Surely we enjoyed doing this. When there are no classes, we usually sleep at our living room. It the best time to bond with my sister. I know sometimes we quarrel but we always find ways to work things out. I just thank God for always giving us opportunity to wake-up every morning lives a life together with your family and the one you love. I just want thank God for giving me this time.

Looking at this photos- with my big sister who took the picture- it simply happiness. Someone you treasure most. The "sister-bond" relationship is a great gift. Try to start a good and happy day? Bond... Laugh... and share... Hope you enjoy this posting.
I always do share my happiness. Love your family... make a good start- to build a good relationship, for when you grow-up you will never depart from each other. Have a Blessed Day.


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