Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I'm a Pluviophile in Some Way

Hi everyone. it's a cold and rainy evening.. and I'm loving it. It's really a good feeling finding in finding time for myself. It's a joy and it makes me feel at peace with myself. I just love the feeling listening to the rhythm of the rain. I'm a pluviophile in some way (word of the day!). There's a part of me who find comfort whenever it rains and I feel calm and relaxed. I think rainy season is just perfect time for me to think. It's a perfect time for me to dream big and think my wildest thoughts (dreaming of impossible dreams indeed). Though it makes me a little bit weird when it rains- I wanna play under the rain (to reminisce my childhood), cry under the rain (because nobody will notice it), and scream to the rain (if I'm mad). Thanks to the rain.

It rains so hard lately.  I spent the whole day at school freezing cold. I sat near the window, while my students were doing their school work, I spent the whole afternoon watching the rain. It sounds like a music to my ear. It's crystal clear water has no evidence of the polluted world. It's such a great feeling knowing that the rain could be your friend. The pluviophile in me come naturally. *The pluviophile in google dictionary is a lover of rain, someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.
I am thankful for the rain. Indeed... "pluviophile" I am.

Keep going everyone. Happy rainy day :) "",,

Thursday, September 24, 2015

To: Aldub- From: a Grateful Fan

Everybody go crazy with this new phenomenal love team Aldub. Aldub fans are fast growing and increasing. They even made a whole nation "Aldubnation" to be exact heheh-  it's the name of the loveteam fanatics.
I never expect that I will be hooked up with this loveteam. Actually I am not a GMA Kapuso fan and I don't really watch there TV shows. When the video of the two goes viral and out of curiosity, I clicked the play button... and magic happened. hahah There's an unexpected "spark" and "chemistry" between the two. They are tagged as the "outbreak loveteam". The team up of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza or popularly known as "yaya Dub" is unexpected and accidental. The two caught up in a camera in segment of the longest running noontime show in the Philippines "Eat Bulaga" and that moment- magic happens. That magical moment was caught up on camera- the chemistry was there and the spark in there eyes just ignited. They say, their team up is actually "match made in heaven".
Now everyone  couldn't stop loving and following the two since then. I really appreciate and love them because they are both humble and lovable.
Please don't look at me like I'm the only one who admired the two. I am not that super crazy fan who goes gaga on them but I would like to post this article in the simplest words just to express and thank them for giving us an extra-ordinary "kilig moments" every time we watch them.
Actually this post is a simple shoutout of grateful fan so please bare with me.

Checkout this fan art made by my sister. She loves to sketch and definitely she loves Maine Mendoza a.k.a Yaya Dub. It's undeniable that she's an Aldub fan. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

School Program Preparation

Great days are coming ahead. As a teacher, everyday is always full of fun and excitement day. I have to admit that being a teacher, you got all the stressful days- paper works and classroom management. But still at the end of the day, you can still put a smile in your face because of the good and memorable things that happened to you.

Earlier, we had a fun and enjoyable photoshoot with my students. We are having our "Sci-Math" celebration and we will be having our "G. at Bb. Agham 2015"(Mr. & Ms. Science 2015) pageant and everyone is excited. There are many hopeful student-whom I really expect were shy- but now they really come out of there shell. I was the one who made them more beautiful today. I applied makeup on them and they really look gorgeous. Here is one of the great shot we had today.

We love our photoshoot  today. They really look excited for the pageant.

Everyone are looking for the pageant.I really want that everything will be perfect- from stage designing, up to music and sound system. The program is almost polished. Everyone is practicing there dance number (production number). But one thing is not really perfect. Our sound system is not really in good quality. The one that adjust the volume doesn't function that  well. It would be very perfect to have pioneer djm t1 mixer in our school. I've seen in big schools where they have really great quality sound in there school programs because they invested for a high quality mixer. I suggest to have one in our school. I hope it will be granted. Well it's really necessary for us to have one. All we want is for the good of our students and for our school. Well, check our the link I've shared to you- I bet they really offered great quality digital mixer.

Have a great day everyone. God bless. Keep going. 

Sunday, September 06, 2015

I'm Turning 26: Now What my Age Dictates About Me?

I live a life inside my comfort zone. I can't believe that I'm turning 26 this October. The life I have is somewhat constant, comfortable, happy, enjoyed and blessed. I thank God for all that He've done. But life now a days are somewhat complicated. Your age now will dictate of who you are and what you will become. In my age, the society dictates, that one must have a job, study in masters and accomplished something. One must be in a stable job, that we should start walking in the road of marriage and motherhood. Expectations and dictates are somewhat cruel.

Yes I got the job, yepeey! But there are some few things that needs to be added in  the checklist. It frustrates me because they're really expecting you to have it. It's quite sad because (I'm afraid) I may turn out to be a woman who hurry things up- and it's not in my personality. Once I decided things and do something  I always cook it up and weigh things out. I don't want to have regrets in the end and receive the least because I hurry. I want to do things one step at a time. There are so many things to enjoy and we cannot enjoy it when we are hurrying. For me, though my life gets tougher, as long as I know where I stand and I don't rush on things, everything will fall into ti's place. I believe that there's a God who designed everything. I will no longer be affected of what people say or be affected on there thoughts and expectation towards me. I don't what to be lonely because of that. I want to enjoy life day by day. I know somewhere out there- there awaits great and beautiful things intended and specially made just for me.

Keep going everyone. enjoy life to the fullest.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Celebrating Nutrition Month and More

July is the month to celebrate Nutrition Month. It is the busiest month for me, since I'm the person in-charge of all the activities and programs in school for Nutrition Month. Well, it is also the exciting and stressful week for me. But all the effort and sleepless nights were worth it as we successfully 
Here are some of  our enjoyable activities that we've done during the month long celebration... 
Here are some of the output and some of the activities we had.

 Cooking Showdown: Main Dish (Chicken); Dessert (Buko/ Young Coconut)

 Buko-Mango Salad

Native Chicken (Organic Chicken w/ Sweet Corn)

 Fruit and Vegetable eating Contest

Booth Making

Fruit Carving

Fruit and Vegetable Display

Nutri Mascot

Awarding of Winners and Culmination Program
Definitely, I really enjoyed the preparation and conducting all the activities. Seeing all these photographs, all the stresses and hardships are all worth it.

Health is wealth. Be healthy and enjoy life. Keep going everyone. God bless.


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