Sunday, February 08, 2015

DO NOT Fall In Love! Just Love

I so love to share this article about love...I think this really make sense... Check it out.

"TO FALL IN LOVE is not the end of “The Search”. Neither is it its purpose. Love is not an accident. Accident is this: you were walking down the street; and with no warning, you “fall” into a manhole – that is what FALLING is (I know, tragic, right?). No wonder it hurts so much after “falling” in love. You fall from heights of expectations that are just too unreal. Ask yourself this: Do you wish to Fall in Love, or do you want TO LOVE?

TO BE in love is never by accident. It is a deliberate, conscious choice to love. Even Falling in Love, as most of you young ones say, is not just some random event. To Fall in Love means you either INTENTIONALLY looked too closely, stood over the edge, enabling you to most possibly – fall. You still made a choice. You most likely spent too much time with the person; you made yourself available; you allowed your imagination run wild after he asked you if you believe in destiny, when he was simply curious if you are. You do not wake up suddenly in love. You walk your way to it. You allowed yourself to walk at the edge; and eventually you will, you do, fall.
I forbid you! Do not aim to fall in love. Do not just listen to your heart. The heart is deceitful above all things. Listen to the God of your Heart. Guard your heart. You are worthy to be sought, to be prepared for, and to be made completely whole just as you are. When you are ready (and someday you will be), you will not just “fall in love”. You WILL LOVE; and finally, truly, be loved in return."

This were the articles I've bumped into the internet. Thanks inah from 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This is Why I'm Single- So I can Write this Blog

Singlehood have never been an issue for me, But not until today. Hahaha. I can't escape from people who are pressuring me. I am already 25, but I never had any serious relationship. They say it's the right age for me to have a boyfriend. But for me, I have to stick on my principle- to seek out the right relationship (vs. any just relationship) Anyway, I have been living for 25 years without a boyfriend. Though, I used to have two when I was in high school, but it's not really serious.
Sometimes, I missed the time that I cried for someone (while hugging my pillow), smiling like crazy and having my sleepless nights thinking of that guy. I admit, when I look back that feeling was really awesome. That was aaa looooong time ago000.

Singlehood is a choice. It's a serious decision. I decided to be serious with my studies and remain single when I was in college and look at me now-I finished my degree with flying colors. I'm not bragging my achievements, but I am emphasizing that you have to make sacrifices and wiser decisions in life to be able to achieve your dreams. And, also at that time I want to honor my parents' decision.

I admit I am in my "pressured zone" when I'm with my co-teachers and closest friends (most of them were already married) and now, they're expecting on me. You should have a boyfriend right now.. When will you get married? You should start dating... blahh..blahh... They say. I am perfectionist and there's no such thing as "perfect guy" or a "knight in shining armor" doesn't exist and I am not even a "fairy tale" princess. I agreed, there's no such thing as those. But I believe my God reserves the best for me. A man who could really understand my stubbornness and who could really love me in my worse. I want a guy who is godly . A man who prayerfully seek the Lord. People may never understand that I am seeking a godly man who can step up, lead and can initiate. A man who could be a great father to my children. A humble man of God. A man who truly serves the living God. A man who could raise his children with great dignity and principles. 

I hope people will truly understand that marriage is not a game and a home's not a playhouse. You can't just pack up and go home to your parents when you feel like not playing. Marriage is forever. I'm not setting up my own standards, I am setting up God's standards. And, only a man from God will surely qualify. Though, there are many temptations along the way, but in the end I know God will fulfill His promise- to give His best for His children. The waiting process is hard (and it's getting harder) but I believe when you wait for the best ... it is always worth the wait.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Gift of Love for Moms

No one could compare the love and care of a mother. It's truly, indeed, incomparable.

You probably say I'm biased in my writings, but forgive me dad, for writing so much gratitude for mom in this blog. Anyway, dad you know how much I love you :)

Mother's in our generations were sometimes misunderstood. But as I grow older, I finally understand moms moisy mouth- those are for our benefits (not maybe today bu someday). She's also an ultimate multi-tasker... a promising super hero and etc. Well, that's how moms work. Doing all the errands, keeping all in place. Taking good care of  her kids and (sometimes working moms do additional tasks). And take note, they're doing it without pay. Yes, you read it right- it's all free. Truly you can say that moms love are unconditional. Though it's not that perfect, but showing and giving the best that she could really put me into tears.

Children out there, I tell you, value all the people that truly loves you and find ways to make him or her happy. By the way, this coming Jan. 28th is my mom and dad's wed anniversary. I hope I could give something special for the both of them. I've seen some of the best gift in the internet. I'm considering mothers rings online. It is really perfect for siblings to give as a gift for there beloved mom or dad. I found it really interesting because you can personalized it. You can engrave your name on it (like engraving you and your siblings name) and putting your birthstones on it.

Checkout this trinity ring for your mom :)

These are just material things. You can always include in this ring your "I love You" and "Thank You" words. :) Well, Christmas is over, but you can still continue to give gift even it's not Christmas season. Because true love never comes by season, but it comes everyday- as it is being renewed and treasured everyday.

Keep going everyone. God bless. Have a great week ahead.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy New Year! My 2015 with Family

A great family is a gift. I am so thankful and blessed that God gave us another wonderful year. Year 2014 had passed and we're about to face another great and exciting year. Let go of the past experience and hold on to a promise of a great year that's ahead of us.

This year 2015, I'm expecting great and mighty things that God will bless us. I thank the Lord for my family, because there's no such expensive things on earth that could compare a great family. Though we don't have much riches that we can brag, but I am truly grateful to have a wonderful family such as this.

For the years to come.. I continually pray that God will truly move in our lives, pour out His blast blessings and share this wonderful blessings to others. I'm looking for another wonderful year with them. And those who've been a part of this blog- thank you for being a part of my life. Truly, I appreciate all of you guys. See you in my next adventure.

Welcome 2015. Happy New Year everyone. God bless :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our 2014 Annual Christmas Celebration- Greek Inspired

It's a beautiful time of the year where families get together and celebrate the most special day of the year- Christmas. I really love Christmas. It a significant day for me because this is the time we will remember that our Savior was born. He came to save us. Christmas is also a time of giving, forgiving and loving. I don't know but for me, the warmth of Christmas penetrates in my heart. The songs... the cold wind... the gifts and laughter in every homes (makes me realize, ah! it's Christmas time) It makes my heart glad-indeed. Thank you God for making Christmas.

Well, what also excites me the most is how our family celebrates it. For this year's theme, we decided to have a Greek inspired Christmas celebration. We sew and wear different costumes based on theme we agreed. For me, it's not just the output (the pictures that we post on Facebook), but our bond in making and creating these costumes matters most.

Anyway here are the #GreekInspired #ThemeOutfit #forChristmas
Enjoy and have a great day.

Trailer pics... trying to figure out about the next theme.

Now ready... set... pose...

our DIY output. Welcome to Greece.

posing our Greek outfits  w/ my siblings :)

I really value and enjoy this moments. How wonderful to have this kind of family. All my cousins are very cool and creative. We all enjoyed having this kind of activity. I thank God for this family.

Right at this moment, we're all thinking... what's next for the year 2015?


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