Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Th Art of Moving On

“In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it.” — Mitch Albom

I've known many people who have been hurt by people they love and cared. And moving on is just so hard to do. The questions on when and how to start is way too difficult to answer. I'm not just talking about relationship between the opposite sex,  but I'm talking about in general-it's either the parent-child relationship, friendship or any forms of relationships.

We cannot change the fact that we are hurt. But, the way we act after hurting is a different story. It needs courage to handle the sandness and loneliness that it may caused you. Be brave, life's trials are designed to make us tougher and strong. I am not an expert, but let me help you cope up with emotional stress. Here's my "claimed" steps in moving on.

1. Cry. It's either on your favorite pillow or a stranger's shoulder (just kidding). But if it helps, go on. You need some hug.

2. Pray. Talk to God. It will lessen the pain and burden if you've talked about it. Lucky for you if you found a friend who's willing to be a friend "through ups and downs".

To be continued....

Monday, May 16, 2016

Summer Fun Workshop Recital

Train up a child the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.~Proverbs 22:6
We are molding our future generation. We are the one who influence and  gives greater impact to our young generation. Let's start by doing simple act of goodness to them that their going to impart also to their children in the future.

The moment we started our "Summer Fun Workshop 2016"activity in our church, I felt so hesitant and excited at the same time. Hesitant, because we have a lot of things to prepare, but excited because we know we can impart our talents to the kids. We started from the month of April-May (every Saturday). The workshop is for the kids to learn the musical instruments and arts like painting and drawing. Kids who enrolled in arts are taught how to draw, paint and do some crafts. While those who enrolled in the music class are trained on how to play the instruments like guitar, keyboard and drums (basic and advanced).It's so fascinating to see them learn and play the instruments. Musical instrument players deserves the best musical instruments. Upgrade your musical instruments, for learners and music guru, checkout guitar center plano. It is the right place where you can find the great selection of guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, percussions and etc.

It is very overwhelming to be part of this significant activity. Finally, May 15 is the day for our "Recital". I am very emotional and overwhelmed seeing those kids showcasing their talents by presenting an artwork and playing the different musical instruments. It paids off our effort and sacrifices. I can see to those kids the future of potential artists- great artists indeed. I can see a generation who are passionate in music and arts. I am rooting to those talented kids. I hope that those kids are willing to step up and build a generation of artists who are willing to use their talents to serve others and most especially to offer their talents to God.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy your remaining weeks for an enjoyable and memorable summer activities. God bless. :)

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

One Vote, One Leader, One Future

I am breaking my silence with regards to the  Philippine politics and the upcoming National Election this May 9. I couldn't take it anymore. I am so sick and tired seeing news of "black propaganda" in all my news feeds in Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. It is so frustrating that people are divided according to it's "political-party-colors" (e.i. Red, Yellow, Blue, White) The sad truth, these colors in the Philippine flag should unite people, but this time it divides. These  four colors are united in one flag- the Philippine flag.

What is really going on? This campaign period really sucks. Many good friends unfriended each other because the other one says against the candidate he/she's supporting and vice versa. I don't really express directly about my political views and I couldn't endorse or campaign directly for a specific candidate since I am a teacher- and it is against the law. But I would express my random rants here in my blog.
Yes, there are great people who qualified to run as President- and I don't question their educational credibility. All the presidentiable have great educational backgrounds, Some came from a well-off family. Indeed, they do have flaws but I am not rooting for educational background and flaws of candidates to prove their credibility. I am rooting for  a leader who has the heart to embrace his/her "responsibility", who love his country and who has the "servant heart" (of course credible enough in all aspects). This country and its people are so sick and tired of a "traditional" politician who (not all but some) give all  promises just for the sake of "good public image". People are all sick and tired corrupt government and isip-talangka  (crab mentality) of some government officials. The country  becomes the home of the ugliest mudslinging political campaign. This kind of  mudslinging snit fight must stop.

People of the Republic of the Philippines want to have real change. We are demanding for a clean government. We want a leader who has the genuine intentions to change this country... to suppress crime, drugs and corruption. I want a leader who implements good governance and discipline. I want a leader who thinks and decides not for himself but for the benefit of the Filipino people. We want a government not just for the elites but for the lowly and the ordinary.

I believe, my vote counts. I am voting not for myself but for my future generation. This is our time to wake up. If you truly love your country, I urge you not to sell your votes. It is our freedom to choose, don't allow money to influence your freedom & decision in choosing the right leader. The power is in our hands- the power to choose the next President of the Republic of the Philippines.
Please, be A RESPONSIBLE VOTER! Always keep in mind that your One VOTE will define the fate of a LEADER and that  one LEADER could change our destiny... our FUTURE.
So VOTE WISELY! #PiliPinas2016

Keep going everyone. Let's all pray for a peaceful and truthful election :)
*Photos credits to the owner.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Embrace the Pain. Enjoy the Silence

PS. To my blog readers/visitors, I apologize if some of my blog posts (recently) are somewhat contradicting to my blog theme- which is radiating happiness and enjoyment. Sometimes we go through some of the valleys in our lives that we're left with no one to talk to but with our dearest loyal blog. (So please bare with me).

Why is it so hard to express thy feelings? Many people are having a hard time expressing their true feelings. Just like me,  I used to be a melancholic and an introvert- keeping self-thought and ideals private as much as I can. That is why expressing my real feelings is so hard to do. Knowing the real feelings I have inside is like digging up gold mine. You have to earn my trust before I could give you full details of my thought. Anyway, who cares about my thoughts? People now days are very selfish that they're too concern of their feelings and forget to check out on others, like saying "hey are you ok?" The sad truth is, only few/ or none who possessed it. Yep, it's a sad truth. I'm not a pessimist but I used to think that way. "The least you expect it, the least hurt you could receive". Expecting from someone is  really hard to do.

So, here I am sharing my thoughts into a small box trying to compose some thoughts. And sometimes, my mind is battling whether to click the publish or save button in the upper right side of the screen. Whatever it is, it's good to express ones ideas and feelings Sometimes, we make ourselves busy so we could hide feelings, but honestly we counldn't hide the loneliness a person could feel. All of us has been through many valleys, hardships, trials but the most  deadly of all is loneliness. It kills the very you! This is where temptation comes- because we are sooO weak and lonely.

"You are victim of your mind". 
Which is very true to us. We are what we think to be. The pain of loneliness could really pierce the heart, but it all starts in the mind triggered with negative thoughts. Be not the victim of your own mind, it's deadly. Before it's too late, before the anger and pride eat up your good character, fight it! Be guarded with God's word and your principles. We have to learn the hard way. Life is tough and problems comes along the way. Embrace the pain and enjoy the silence. Embrace it but, don't get too lost in your emotions. Trials do come and loneliness pours. Problems and loneliness passes by but don't you dare to make a room for it. It's allowed to pass, but to let it reside in your  thoughts? It's a big no! no!

Enjoy the silence. Through silences, it will taught us to re-shape our focus. Choose what motivates you- to see what is important.-To trust God. No matter what. Sometimes, what we think is important now is definitely not filling whatever void you might [think you] have. Only God can fill up that void within us. What matters now is that you understand what it means to REMAIN IN HIM, gaze at Him and be content in Him. I pray that whatever kind of "loneliness" you're/ we're going through today, I hope that you/ we may find REST and  find the One who can give it to you. It's JESUS!
My dear friend,
Hang on there!! He said, He will never leave you nor forsake you.
PS: Through this way (writing), I can express how I felt and be encouraged in it ;)

Monday, April 04, 2016

Seasonal Activities to Remember

Lately, I've posted a blog regarding my summer experience at the beach. It is very overwhelming. I got a perfect time to enjoy and relax for awhile. I've been dreaming for a day to go out  and go to the beach to relax. The feel of sand and salty water flowing through my feet is tranquil. I feel the calmness inside me.

But long summer heat  burns me out. Summer started too early that I could no longer see green grasses. All were dried. Plants in our school could hardly survive. I don't love it anymore. People prefer to be at home than to be burn under the heat of the sun. No more rain :( and it frustrates me (since I'm a pluviophile). I love summer outing with friends and family but, my melancholic side of me demands rain ( and hope to experience winter). I started to miss my "home alone day"/ my "me time". Summer outing is exciting but rainy season and winter season is more interesting. I wish to experience winter and feel comforted with Cozy Winters. I always dream to experience winter. To stay at home, read my favorite book, observe snowflakes falling on the rooftop and feel the heat of the fire in the fireplace- what a wonderful feeling. For me, winter was made for large blankets and large books. For an introvert like me, it is so wonderful feeling to feel the cold wind as you soround yourself with cozy winter clothes.

Winter season really excites me. I cannot imagine how people survives in a big and cold freezer. But thank God for cozy winters. That really help- big help!

Whatever season it is- any of the four seasons- I find it very magical. It is really magic seeing trees fall leaves, grass withers,  flowers blossoms and spring bring new life.This all I wish in life- to witness to witness the transition of these seasons right in front of me.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy every season of your life!

My Kinda Start of Summer

It's so good to feel the summer breeze. That feeling to be at the beach is so overwhelming.  I can't express how I felt- the feel of sand and salt water flowing through your feet, the smell of the salty air and the relaxing sound of the waves simply gives me the feeling of tranquility.
I am melancholic, loner and introvert person and being far away from the crowd, busy streets and people is like a safe haven for me. I feel the calmness and peacefulness inside me- which I craved for a long time.

We had a great time with my Grade 10 students. We were there at the beach to celebrate because finally their moving up to Senior High. It is very unforgettable for me because we got the chance to bond together- with my co-teachers and students. That was an overnight activity. We had fun games, retreat activities and an overnight film showing. I guess, this is good for all of us- to give ourselves a break. To spend quality time at the beach ;)

Everything happened for a reason. I thank God for that outing ( aside from our safe trip going there) I got the chance to reflect on myself. I got the chance to have a peacefulmind and get rid of depression. It's good that I'm quite back on track. I hope this will be the start.

In everything I give thanks to God. It's not easy handling problems. Everything tat I'v been going through will just come to pass. All I need is to trust on yourself and believe that greater things are coming.
Thanks to the beach oting. I really had fun. Till next time friends. I hope you too enjoyed your summer. Enjoy your summer vacay! God bless.
That summer heat feels.. Cheers!


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