Sunday, January 31, 2016

Random Thought: It's the Simple Thing that Counts

Random thought: It is about knowing the smallest, the little detail of your life that counts the most...

Currently: Writing a blog at 11 o'clock in the evening of the January 31st. It's pretty amazing when you realize it's an hour away to February. Before this month end, I would like to express some random thought that disturbs my mind in this silent evening.
Actually, I'm in the perfect mood to blog. Plus, I'm just right here at my favorite place to hangout- here in my room at the right corner of my bed illuminated by the purple lampshade. Truly, it's my "clean well-lighted place" for me. The perfect ambiance convinced me to compose a blog and reflect on the things- my random thoughts that disturb the silent evening.

I started to think of my dreams, my ambitions, and my secret desires. As it flashed right in front of me, it lingered for a while but it suddenly fades away. It's just a minute or second, it vanished. But, I still put my hope and have faith that someday, somehow all my dreams will come to pass.

What I have right now are the simple things... the little details of my life. While waiting for that dream to happen, I start to compose myself and get to know who I am. It's the  simple things count. People may not know me well, my family cannot answer about my favorite book, author, fav food and favorite place to hangout... but, I do exactly know that I can answer it all. I want to emphasize that those are exactly the things we need to do- to know better oneself. To love!

Have a glimpse of the little things you love about, the simple things you love to do and the tiny pieces of your hearts desire that you want to happen... think of it...  and just do it! Big dreams frustrate us, it stressed us- especially if you waited for it and you wanted for it so badly but nothing happens. That's the main reason why we lose our focus. Why not try to do the little things and be happy about it. Start reading your book you purchased at the bookstore, cook your favorite food and share it with your family. But you can do both- cook your favorite food and eat it while reading your newly purchased book or sleep early and take some rest. Life would be very simple if you don't complicate things too much. Big Dreams are good. I'm not hindering you to dream, but life would be satisfying if we accomplish those tiny, little, simple things in our life. It gives exact happiness we've all been wanting. We will live a satisfied and complete life if we appreciate all of it.

"When you start appreciating tiny, little and simple things in your life, you will be amazed and appreciate more of the BIG and GREAT things that will come to you." It's all about focus. Simple things counts.

Have a great day everyone. Keep going and God bless.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy 28th Year Anniversary to my Mama and Papa

Finally, the plans are all set. We had a wonderful evening with my family. My sister bought food for us while I bought my favorite cake and a wine. This simple celebration is just a glimpse of how proud I am to have parents like them. For me, 28 years of marriage is already an accomplishment. The secret to a good marriage is honesty, trust, and care. These are just my thought, but truly worth to keep.

I am just wishing and hoping that the kind of love they've shared with is each other is an inspiration for us.   I hopw that they'll continue to love and care for each other. Don't allow your husband to run out of love towards you. Love comes along the journey. What's bound to happen will always find its way. *giggles

Here's the snapshot of them during our small and yet a wonderful anniversary celebration.  Keep  Keep going everyone. This post is the simplest letter and gift that I could give.
Keep going everyone. Enjoy your day :D

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Save the Date: Dinner with My Family at the 28th

Let's all celebrate love. It's not February yet but you can already feel the valentine spirit. Truly, love is in the air. Yep, it's not an ordinary week for the family. Actually, it's my mom and dad's 28th wedding anniversary. It's going to be their 28th years on the 28th. Twenty eight years is already a good number to celebrate. I am planning to have a simple surprise for my mom and dad. I just want to celebrate their lasting love and relationship. Their  patience and understanding to one another are one of the great value they imparted to us- their children. And I just want to make this simple surprise as a way of thanking them, because, without them, I wouldn't be here also.heheh. Kidding aside, the years they've been together calls for a great celebration.

So what are my plans? Well, I'm going to have a little budget, but I'll make sure it's worthwhile and memorable. I'm planning to buy a cake- of course. I want to have a candle on top to look more sincere. I also planned to have balloons shaped in numbers "2" and "8". I'm going to prepare and cook a dish for our family dinner- oops! I don't know how to cook. (I hope it works in following recipe books). Wine could also be romantic. And of course, good table setting and setup can lit up the place. So, bring it on! The premier table linens fitted round tablecloth  would be a great fit to perfect my arrangement.Round table cloth is really perfect for romantic setup. I'm just hoping that everything goes well according to my plans. And I hope I could buy  a simple gift for them. Though material things may fade, but the memories and the thought that we remembered and celebrated their love is priceless.

I really appreciate my parents and I love them so much. I hope we can have dinner together with my family. It's been a long time already since we have dinner together as family- since we have busy schedules. Rarely we have dinner together as a family- sometimes during weekend. I hope all things work together. Though there are some family problems, but better communication is the key to a harmonuos life. And best communication are done over dinner. And dinner is better when we eat together. And food tastes better when you eat it with your family.

I wanna leave this photo to you because this photograph speaks a thousand words.
Happy 28th wedding anniversary to my mom and dad. I love you :D

Thursday, January 21, 2016

AlDub: The Challenge to Thrive and Survive

Who would have thought that the whole nation will fall in love to these two showbiz underdog? Namely Alden Richards and Maine Mandoza. They are the phenomenal stars in the Philippines right now. Richards, together with his other half Maine Mendoza or better known as "Yaya dub",  they build up the the strongest phenomenal loveteam "AlDub" in the country. At midyear of 2015 their loveteam was discovered accidentally #sweetSERENDIPITY indeed. Now, they take the whole country by storm with lots of TV ads, endorsements, magazine covers,awards and recognitions, billboard, successful movie and TV series. In a span of six (6) months they already build up a large nation- they called it the "Aldub Nation" (it's the name of the millions of fans who supports the loveteam).

I'm a fan of their loveteam from the time it started... and I hope it goes to forever. I always support them all the way. I always watch the noontime show EatBulaga on replays on YouTube. I'm not an addict but a dedicated fan. I've witnessed how there loveteam flurorished and blossomed. Wishing for there love to be "real" from "reel". But the big question is, how the show will sustain and survive or how they're going to thrive? Now, it is a great challenge for them to remain in that spot- to thrive and stay on the top. It is time for the creative writers to put colors on the show, to add more juice to the storyline and refrain from being too myrsterious of the two stars. It's still good to reveal the real shot between the two. Maybe the fan will get tired of figuring out the real score. Let the two be real with themselves. Give them more time to relax- the burn out might be one of the reason some loosed sparks. They must find out and work it out the technique of survival- especially in showbusiness.

I wish them the best and hope the hype and the kilig feeling will lasts a little bit longer. Because honestly, it gives joy to many. I hope the writers and producers behind AlDub will not let the new found treasure slip in their hands. They must do something!

Let's wait and see how long the clamor takes and will the AlDub fan remains.?

Cheers to AlDub. I'll still support them all the way.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Music of Love

Who can't resist to stare at this man? The man named Alden Richards- a phenomenal star in the Philippines. This picture is not just a picture of a "pretty boy" or a "boy next door" look, but I can see a guy who is passionately in love... to music.

Richards, in the other hand, is inclined to music (as a singer not on musical instruments).  I find it very sexy and attractive if a man knows how to play musical instruments.  I admire him more when he tried to learn the musical instrument  to pursue the girl he loves. Though, it's just in a TV series acting, but I can't stop myself to fall in love to this guy. I can clearly see how passionate and perfect gentleman he is. I just love the idea of the "old school" type of courtship. Where the man serenades the woman he loves.

I can see his hardship while learning the instrument. Playing musical instruments is very hard- especially the guitar. You have to press the strings in the other side and strum the strings in the other hand, modify the tune and etc. I tried it once and it drives me crazy. Good thing, today it is made easy with tremol-no. It is perfect for electric guitars in tuning and modifying the sound. Two thumbs up tp this high-tech goodie.

Serenity is inclined to the word serenade. It is called harana in our country. Good job for the man who still use this effective tactic- captivating a woman's heart with music. They say if you can't speak to the girl you love, go get your guitar and let it do the speaking. Music could be the best voice of the heart.

I am not a music lover but, ideally, people eventually fall in love to the man who can play music instrument. Though we cannot touch music, but surely music can touch you. Music speaks what cannot be expressed. The sincerity and passion of the person can be felt  from the instrument through the heart. It speaks love.
Music can give us a great escape. It gives us freedom and the feeling of Love.

For me, I will not stop asking and praying to God to send me a man who will serenade me as I started walking that aisle on a white dress. It feels like walking towards my destiny. I want that man to play instruments and serenades me. The man who will let me feel the music of love for the rest of my life. <3

Keep going everyone. God bless. 


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