Saturday, July 15, 2017

In Due Time

The eyes of all look to You,  and You give them their food in due time.
                                                                                   -Psalm 145:15
I m currently reading on this book God's Whispers to a Woman's Heart. And I find it very helpful to inspire my inner soul. I'm recommending this book to you . I love it and it helps me to stay in tune with God. Deep inside our soul, we want to hear God's whisper. This is what our hear needs.

Here's a glimpse of that book. Quoted from that book.

"My child, I know that you look around you and you see so many who seem to have so much more than you. But look closely, do they have Me? Let me change you heart and perspective so that you will gladly live with a little and honor Me rather that choose to have plenty and disregard Me. Trust that I will life you up is due time. Walk closely next to Me. My child, during these days that seem unfair, so that you will see me in your circumstances and grow in unwavering trust. As you do it, it pleases Me to pour out out blessings to you... in due time."

I find it very helpful to walk in my day to day life. I recommend this book "God's Whispers to a Woman's Heart" by Cindi McMenamin. Find time to read books that will uplift your faith and nourishes your soul. Keep going everyone.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

A Letter for Papa: Advance Happy Father's Day 2017

    I've seen how God works through you. You stood up straight and strong through out our journey. God has given you extra strength to endure all the problems we had. Though, I cannot fathom how God works in our lives (during the time I was tested), but I believe that God used you mightily to serve as the strength in our family. You didn't give up and you didn't loose hope. At times that I don't understand the things that is going on inside me, bu you stood still, prayed and intercede . You make things clear to me when things seems so confusing. I thank the Lord because He used you as a father to this family.

   Now, we are victorious in the Lord. God has given us victory and I am much more victorious because I am blessed with two Fathers- my Father in heaven and my father here on earth.

   Thank you God for such a gift.
                                                                                                                                     Ling <3

You might ask an wonder about the things I've written... this is the letter I wrote for my dad after some problems and obstacles happened in our family lately. And I am blessed to have a dad like him.

Advance HAPPY FATHERS DAY papa and all the fathers in the world.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Love for Music for a Stress-Free Day

This past few days was the greatest challenge of my life. I was hospitalized for almost two and a half weeks. I was diagnosed with amoeba and my doctor said I was stressed in my work. The doctor recommend to have enough rest and sleep. I thanks God for my fast recovery. I am out in the hospital and taking my medications and taking enough rest. It also lessen my stress and sickness whenever I listen to inspirational and praise music. My younger sister usually play guitar at home, and it really helps me relax. It soothes my feeling. I got the feeling of tranquility. Good thing there is a site like where you can find great quality guitars. You make your purchase online and get rid of stresses. From then one, I'm going to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Keep going everyone. Have a stress-free day.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Movie Review: Trolls

It's been  a long time since I made my last movie review here in my blog. So what makes me write again in my blog about movies? Well certainly because I fell in love to this movie. Especially the plot of the story and the soundtrack. Any kids born in the 90's well surely appreciate this movie. The soundtrack of the movie is very nostalgic. If you are a Justine Timberlake fan, the more you will fall in love with his voice and if you're not, surely you will be after you watch the movie.

Forget about the soundtrack, let's go on  purely a review on the plot. I'm a fan of animated movies, I'm not being biased, but this one is one of my top of the list. I love the message of the story. "No Trolls left behind", and "Happiness is inside of all of us, sometimes we just need someone to help you find it". It speaks about finding real happiness and camaraderie. It talks about friendship and love. It also shows how happiness can soften people's heart or the opposite, how sadness and aloofness could  hardened ones heart. We can learn a lot of life lesson in the movie. The story of the prince and chamber maid also touches me. If you love someone, don't pretend to someone else just to make that person love you. Don't be afraid of who you really are. The person who loves you, will accept who you are after knowing all your lapses and flaws. Don't be afraid, just let them show... your true colors. Your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow. Heheh

This is the movie for the whole family, young and old. We can surely relate to the movie, to the music and to characters they portray. This is a movie fun and exciting, plus the comedy in it. You'll surely enjoy it. I'll give this movie a two-thumbs up! Keep going everyone. God bless.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Perks of Being a Teacher

I'll be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary as a public school teacher. Year 2014 when I signed my contract and received my item from national the position of  Teacher 1. The feeling was very overwhelming and rewarding- knowing that it paid off all your sacrifices while applying for that job position. And finally all my dreams starts to unfold right in front of me.

The work of a school teacher is stressful and draining sometimes. But, I cannot deny the fact that I am enjoying and loving this job. Along the way, you'll meet different kinds of students- the crazy one, sincere, cheerful, loud and outgoing and stubborn. All of these are sum up in one classroom- your second home. The adventure and misadventure of a teacher is undeniably exciting. One thing, I hate about my classroom is when the whole class is very noisy and student could no longer hear your voice and discussion. Good thing, in today's technology, you could avail and enjoy the benefits of using a lapel mic. Music lovers will also love this. Lapel mic is very helpful especially to those who do not have a  well-modulated voice. Lapel mic is a must for small or big classroom setup. Very helpful and convenient to use in class program, music fest and other extra curricular activities.

Though, some bad experiences happened. And unending hardship and hurdles come along the way, I will never trade this position for any profession and jobs. This is where I belong. This is what I want- to touch lives and influence people (in a good way). Teaching is the noblest job ever.

Keep going everyone. 


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