Saturday, November 08, 2014

I Got my Cherry Smartphone

Hi everyone I'm so happy that I'm doing this post using my new smart phone. Yes, you read it right. I'm so happy I got this new phone.You might think that this phone is expensive, well, I only paid 3999 pesos for this phone. It's super affordable and it doesn't compromise the quality of the phone. In my next post, I'll be featuring and posting my review about my Cherry Mobile S3 experience.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wishing for a Birthday Serenade

Yeah, I'm already 25 last October 17. I celebrated my silver years last week Friday. I had  a great time celebrating my birthday with my loved ones and my co-teachers. The number of guest who attended my party is unexpected, but I had a wonderful time being with them. My desires and wish that somebody will serenade me at dawn never happens, but still I feel grateful with the people who spent their precious time with me in my special day.

I'm already 25, but my frustrations to learn the guitar doesn't happen yet. Though serenading me on my birthday doesn't happen, but I wanna learn to play the guitar so that I'll be the one to serenade others and my loved ones on their birthdays. It would be a heart-touching moment if I'll do this to the people I love. So, from then one, I'll start finding the best guitar in town. :) Well, the best place to find an acoustic guitar is here.

Keep going everyone. It's not too late to send your birthday greetings here. Please leave your comments here.heheh

GSP Encampment - Ready Set Camp!

Hi guys, I am quite nervous and excited for our upcoming GSP encampment. GSP means Girl Scout of the Philippines. I am the troop leader in our school and I'm entrusted to organize and prepare all the things that's needed for the camping. As teacher, you should learn how to do multi-tasking. In line with this job, I also need to make sure that everything are all set- from utensils, tents, camp layout, chants and troop presentation.

Setting up tents and preparing are easy to do, but preparing a presentation (a dance, drama or song number) is a little bit scary for me. I'm not that talented to choreograph such number. It would be easier in our part if we have all the gadgets needed to practice for great production number. Yeah, one of our chicklist is sennheiser wireless mic. Probably, we really need it in our troop performance. I would like to do it like in the "high school musica" show. Creative ideas are very welcome in this site. Honestly, thinking of a great production number is killing me.

No matter how hard the tasks are, a teacher must really face it with triumph. A dynamic teacher must learn how to give solution to the problem, give the best that they can and do things excellently.

Keep going everyone. In the next hours, I'll be preparing and start packing my things for the camp. i'll be back soon. Please keep in touch ;)

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Happy World Teacher's Day

It's good to be back in my teaching career. Last Friday, Oct 3, I celebrated one of the most unforgettable teacher's day of my life.It was one of the simplest Teacher's day celbration but I come to understand what Teacher's Day is all about. It's not really about the expensive cakes or the bouquet of flowers  that you could receive from your students but it is the thought that you are valued and highly appreciated.

In my first 5 months in that school, where I'm currently working, I celebrated Teacher's day with a bunch of gumamela flowers and sincere love letter (quite funny letters ). It's not really expensive at all (actually you can find those flowers everywhere), but the thought that they remember me and my co-teachers in our very special day is already great significant for us. Through the school officers, they conducted a program for all  of us and they had presentation dedicated to us teachers. After the program they prepared a semi-fine dining for us. The students arranged the classrooms and prepared a delicious lunch for us.

In my 5th month in my career, now I fully understand why teaching is one of the noblest job.

Keep going everyone. Happy World Teacher's day to everyone. God bless :)

Monday, September 01, 2014

A Teacher Must Read Books: Benefits of Reading

I want to start and develop my habit in reading. I want to develop it back again (honestly). I can't remember the time the last time I read a book. I didn't say I don't read books in school- of course I study my lesson, but what I am talking about is "reading" as a form of hobby or passion not a forced action. Definitely reading was just an obligation for me to be prepared, but enhancing my reading hobby to widen my knowledge, well that's what I want develop.
Actually there are many benefits when you read. First is to be knowledgeable. Thousand of information can be stored up in our brain- how you're going to do it? Read. Another is to improve my English. I'm a Filipino and I speak the Filipino language or our native tongue. I can only be exposed to the English language when I read books, watch English movies or listen to the music. So, I better to be a better speaker and a writer. Last thing is that, I can go anywhere. Yes, reading can transport you into places. Through reading, you can go where you want to go.

In conclusion, as a teacher, I urge you and  forced you to read. Heheh I'm just kidding. All I want is for you to knowledgeable with many things, enjoy traveling different place and to be an effective and better speaker or writer. 

Enjoy the habit of reading. God bless you.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Sweet Harmony from the Past

I think everyone, mostly the young people, were very attracted to learn different kinds of modern musical instruments. It is very cool and very pleasing if someone can play a musical instrument like guitar, drums and piano. Due to the fast track of change, people already forgotten some of the native instruments that could really produce a a great harmony.

Some don't even know about mandolin, gong, flute, xylophones and etc. These are what we called traditional, but when it plays, truly magical.  Music is not just limited to 3 to 4 musical instruments. There are thousands or millions of instruments that remains unnoticed.I think it's a start to revive the heart of the people to love other traditional musical instrument. Try to check out some of it online and here's the link to purchase it with Free Shipping.

Our celebration in "National Language" really open up my mind to embrace the beauty of folk music, traditional music as well as the musical instrument. Well it is really great to explore one of the kind musical instrument and help spread value of "preservation" customs , the love  for our country and the love for traditional music. Well start listening to the classic music and start exploring the possibilities of learning old songs as well as the instruments.

Enjoy your music-weekend. Keep going and God bless :)

Buwan ng Wika- A National Language Month Celebration

Here we  go. Everyone are busy preparing for the "Buwan ng Wika" celebration. This is an annual event in the Philippines, where all schools all over the Philippines celebrate the whole month of August. This is an annual event where students as well as the teachers were dressed in national costumes, tribal and other folk clothes. There is a contest in folk dances, folk song, cooking contest (native delicacies), "larong lahi" (Filipino native games), "Lakambini at Lakandula" (Filipino style beauty contest for men and women and many more.

This kind of event preserves the Filipino culture, heritage, values, customs and tradition. For me this is a very important event because this will help open up to the minds of the young children to embrace the Filipino values and develop the love for their country.

Enjoy. Have a happy weekend. God bless.  


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